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Do you need an image you can't find anywhere on stocks?

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Let us know exactly what kind of image you are searching and when do you need it for.

Specify subject or object, colours, moods and effect you hope to get with it.

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Laurais Arts Photography


If you are a blogger, a business owner, a website designer, a writer with a need to find the perfect image to illustrate your book,

Or simply an individual who needs a matching image to their concept or idea. 


Laurais Arts Photography


Search no more. You have reached and found the perfect person and company for it. Let us do the work.


Laurais Photography - Dead Souls


 It can be daunting browsing for hours on end stock that may suit your concept and your vision,




And sometimes you get spoilt for choice, and you end up with too many images to choose from

Making it soooo hard to decide when you have 5 more pages of pictures.




 So I thought I would simplify the finding, getting and using the stock images process for you

Offering no more than 3 or 5 that match your specific criteria





And if we have no images already processed or loaded for sale with such criteria but you have the cash

We definitely have the tools including a very HQ camera, images and creative juices to make it fresh for you.


It will be a bit more costly than just finding a fitting image and loading it in any of our stock photography accounts

But you will definitely get the exclusive choice of using it just for yourself or make it available for others

and the guarantee that it will match your criteria to a T.

Alternatively,  you can also browse freely among my stock galleries to find something suitable

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