2020 – Challenging myself further

I’ve always been one with a mind of her own, who follows her heart and sticks to her guns and this year will be no exception.

Only that this year my approach may look very different from previous years. 

Most of my life I’ve prioritized having fun, social relationships, enjoyment and entertainment. I guess I’ve lived so much by the «you only live once» that now I can actually feel like working. Of course having a work I love doing doesn’t feel so much like work. But still there are plenty of things that need to be done in order to run a somewhat successful business… or successful enough to pay the bills. My idea is to have plenty more time and money to keep doing the fun things I love doing. But they will have to wait for a year or two until the business is up to the standard I want.

So this year I’m determined to fight against all those invisible things that make it very hard for me to stay focused on my business. I’m determined to actually set a date and achieve whatever I need tackling to achieve such goals.

So yes … this year I want C O N T R O L,

Yes, I said so:

And yes, I am working on switching all those goals to automatic habits now as they sing in that song.

And how am I planning to achieve such control???

I am currently using the following strategies:

Blocking online and offline social interations

You can read a lot more on that on this blog entry for those who just want to get to know me on facebook or take me out in real life…

Staying tuned to my goals:

Listening and programming my mind with music to achieve my goals… as usual!!

Never underestimate the power of music in your life. Really. It literally changed my life for the better in so many ways. The right lyrics and rythmn goes into your brain after all, so in a way it feeds your daily thoughts and routines.

Check my Find Your Wild Side Playlists to achieve whatever you want. They do definitely work!! I’m living proof of it. If not… check my progress as years go by. I have of course used plenty of music for plenty of different purposes and it has led me to such results.

Blocking apps:

My major downfall with my chronic illnesses is that I’m extremely prone to get sidetracked.

So my main strategy at working through my goal is to use online tools and Google Chrome extensions for free that work like a charm to keep you focused. Plenty of free apps to block your mobile phones too. So… there you go. Now I have literally no excuse not to be focused on my goals.

stay focused

My social media apps will be blocked most of the day. So if I take my time to come back to you with a text or I never get round to text you back, please, don’t take it personally.

Special note; sometimes I work on facebook… WORK (and by that I mean cleaning galleries, loading content to my galleries, sharing my latest work, or simply leaving it open whilst I do other stuff as well). So I may not reply even if you see me online.  And if you drop an interesting line. Sorry. I may completely forget to reply back to it.

Keeping track of my working windows and respecting them;

IMGL0153 edit new year resolution

Do you see that massive year calendar behind my back? that’s my time scheduled.

And yeps… I am keeping track of the hours I can work on my business, the hours I teach, etc.

Turns out that with all those doctor visits or dentist appointments, legal paperwork and the unexpected it’s hard to find more than two mornings a week to actually be able to sit down and work like I planned. So yes, most of my weekends off will be employed to catch up with the business hours I lost during that week.


The playlists I will listen to will be going into my brain whilst working out, cooking or commuting.

Doing house chores whilst having the kids. Someone has to teach them!! But of course ensuring we do have plenty of time as well to have fun activities, cultural activities and reading books which add value to their imagination.

Listening to audiobooks or youtube playlists whilst decluttering my computer or cleaning the house is another way of multitasking. That way I’m actively listening to a foreign language (English or German), improving my pronunciation and listening skills whilst deleting files or tidying up the house. So yes.. I guess that should free up some time in the long run! ;D

IMGL0157 web edit wm
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I’m not gonna lie… from age 22 onwards, regardless of my chronic illnesses and how little control I felt I had of things impacting me from the outside world. I’ve always sort of stayed in control of a lot of things concerning my life.

I became intentional. Everything in my life has to have a purpose. Let’s blame it on being born on a certain date or time of the year which apparently makes me very pragmatical (and as unrealistic as horoscopes seem to describe personality… for some reason such a board is one of my most popular boards so far, so I’m afraid a lot of people relate to certain traits)… or we can just blame it on being my unique individual self. Either way… the end results are the same. And now I’m just owning it and enjoying it.

And even if I never had a clear idea of what I wanted back in the day I was always confident of what I DID NOT WANT. And that slowly but surely pointed me towards the things I do want to have in my life.

And hell no. As far as I know I never tried to control other people. I have enough trying to control myself. Thank you very much. I just refuse to be used, lied to or emotionally abused in any way or sense. And those who try, of course, will eventually find themselves out of my life. Whether they’re fully aware and conscious of it or not… that’s another thing. There was a time I held daily mental funerals in my head for the loss of a loved one or a trusted friend/connection. I didn’t wish them evil or wrong. I just freed my mind from the space they were taking and not using properly.

Nearly four months later.

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