Let the Quarantine Days Begin

Since we have at least 14 days ahead at home.

Andrés and I decided to do a Time Capsule to conmemorate these kind of «holidays» at home. So we decided one of the things we needed to do was to have pictures of what it was like. We went to the lounge to take a picture of the playground opposite to our window with police tape banning its entrance.

One of the things we both were planning to do but we never found the time to do was to take some retakes of old photos to make it a tradition. Below the original photo we were trying to retake.

Below the photo we retook.

Sara said she didn’t want to pose…s o Andrés started posing trying to replicate his own expression on that tram in Wien… and suddenly just when he was more or less nailing it… bang! Sara decided to sit and pose just like that. And after that there was no way I would get him to pose as he did on that tram.

I’ve also been wanting to take a new photoshoot of my two little ones before they grow too much… so I’m very glad that I finally got round to. In fact, spending time doing things you love should be the way to spend most of your life. That way life it’s as enjoyable as it gets and so you live with less sorrow and die with less regrets.

Having a great time with your family and friends is never one of those things people regret.

Spending more time working than with your family however is one of the biggest regrets most people die with though.

As you can see in the pics above Andrés and Sara are not coping very well with the confinement, they seem super depressed.

Here below there is another attempt at retaking an old photo.

Ok… that didn’t go to plan… in fact this model doesn’t pose as she unconsciously did as a baby….but her ever so sweet smile is infinitely better.

I might have lost my job income for a good season, things may never go back to «normal» again… but these half creatures of mine…. for sure are enjoying and having fun each day staying at home and making their own graphic representation of what Corona Virus looks like and that is how I’m going to approach this time of uncertainty and that’s also what I want to teach them…to learn to live with no fear of drastic change. :D.

Although for self-employed people, this is an ongoing adventure with which we’re more or less used to live with (that of not knowing what will tomorrow bring is not alien to us).

So I’m making the most of their company while they are staying with mum and making the most of their absence to work on their photos and enjoying my hobbies when they’re not.

Jobs will find me again… like they’ve always done. I try not to even think about it. I try to not even think about their school homework I’m deliberatedly ignoring in order to avoid any additional stress to me or to them. They’ll catch up when life goes back to normal or when this becomes the new normal. 😀

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