This must be one of my favourite foods EVER.

If someone had ever told me that a smoothie with raw green pepper, raw tomatoes, raw cucumber and a little bit of raw garlic together with a dash of olive oil and a pinch of salt could taste addictively amazing I would have said «yuck, no way!!» .

But since I got to try it from an early age without actually caring what went in it (other than the obvious tomato), I grew to love it straight away. And it’s a summer soup/food I just can’t seem to get enough of.

Well, for the real gazpacho recipe one would also have to add some previously soaked in water bread, vinegar and tons more water to it and have it chilled for at least two hours prior to serving, and serve it with ice cubicles on it to keep it cold out of the fridge. But I’m no fan of either of those ingredients, so I just make my own version of it which has pretty much the consistency of a salmorejo but with all the ingredients of a Gazpacho. Hence the name. Since I’m probably the only one who has it this way, I labelled it «Gaz-l-ejo».

Here is what I include in it, which is enough for two people and it all fits on that one 500ml smoothie maker jug (I know, I overload it slightly but it works just fine. ;D)

  • Half a green medium green pepper in the blender, the left over to be chopped as garnish.
  • 3 or 4 tomatos, usually the ripest ones I can find.
  • A cucumber, depending on the size of it (sometimes I put half of it, skin and all included) and chop the rest as garnish. If I only have one little cucumber I may just add the peel to the blender and save the remainder for garnish.
  • Less than half an average sized onion. Depending on how strong you like it. Spring onions are sweeter in taste so I sometimes add a full one. You can also add some finely chopped as garnish.
  • Half of a peeled garlic clove. Depending how strong you want it you can add more or less.
  • A generous dash of olive oil.
  • A generous pinch of salt according to taste, but you can add that later on. But to begin with I would say begin with quarter of a teaspoon. I usually start it with half a teaspoon as I like slightly salted food.
  • Fill the rest of the smoothie jug with water to the top. As in the photo below and blend away.

Just blend until it comes out smooth. Some people use a fine sieve afterwards to get rid off tomato seeds and vegetable skins, but I soon found out that the longer you run the smoothie maker the the smoother it comes out, so in my case I just smooth it out for like 3 mins or so and therefore I don’t even bother with a sieve. So blend until your desired smoothness. And that’s it!! ;D

Since I’m greedy with my Gaz-l-ejo, I usually just eat it all in a large bowl with all that garnishing. Regarding garnish you can also add some cured ham or even finely chopped anchovies and also hard boiled egg as they do in salmorejo.

Needless to say it doesn’t have much calories per serving and on top of that it’s also rich in potassium, contains vitamin A, C, B and E as well as lycopene. All great and antiaging for your brain and skin. 😀

Depending how fast you are at washing and chopping vegetables you can have it done in under 15 minutes. Enjoy ;D

In a way, you can also finely chop all those ingredients (minus the garlic) and have it as a salad, and in my house we call that «pipirrana». ;D

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