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21st of August 2019

Train tracks by the Mediterranean near Gerona ;D

IMG_7679 edit fb

13 of August 2019

Beautiful and colourful narrow streets of Mykonos


05 August 2019

Sometimes if you wish them hard enough they come true. ;D


31st of July 2019

Noticing the little wonders of nature on a short trip from Cordoba to Granada.

The sunset over the red hill at the back of this photo is what caught my eye originally, so much so that I even went back on myself for about 15 minutes to appreciate it in full. And once there I also noticed these sunset kissed daisies. ;D


24th July 2019

Some more of last year holidays sceneries captured by the beautiful Aegean Sea! 😀

I actually didn’t sit down in those chairs to have breakfast by the seaside, but something in the colour of the chairs and the sea behind makes me feel like as if I were doing it right now ;D


Alguna fotos más de los paisajes de las vacaciones del año pasado a las orillas del bonito mar Egeo. ;D.

La verdad es que no me senté ahí para tomar el desayuno al lado del mar, pero algo en el color de las sillas y el fondo de la foto me hace sentir como si estuviese sentad allí ahora mismo. ;D

17th of July 2019

The beauty of Mykonos largely lays on the quality of its pristine teal waters. 😀

IMG_8329 edit wm

La belleza de Mikonos yace primordialmente en la calidad de sus cristalinas aguas color turquesa.

09th of July 2019

A beautiful stylish brand new sleek black car that will probably on a Sunset Cruise to Portugal as you read this fully load with great varied tunes and even better company! ;D


Un nuevo y muy elegante coche negro de líneas muy suaves que probablemente se embarque en una puesta de sol de camino a Portugal mientras leéis esto con una lista de música muy buena y variada y todavía mejor mejor compañía ;D .

3rd of July 2019

I love Lavender fields! there is something in that shade of purple that makes it very appealling too together with its natural scent!


Me encantan los campos de Lavanda!!  Hay algo en esa tonalidad de morado que los hace muy atractivos para mí junto con su esencia natural! 😀

26th of June 2019

This is probably the date I have been most looking forward to ever in my entire life. It was my first pregancy and that was meant to be the date I will finally meet the amazing creature that was growing inside of me… and as you can see he was growing quite a lot inside of me!! So yeps… precisely 8 years ago I was like this and as you can see he was still in! He started his way out the following day but I didn’t get to meet him until the 28th! I’m still so in love with him <3!!

P1080351 WEB EDIT

Probablemente una de las fechas que haya esperado más ganas en toda mi vida. Era mi primer embarazo y esa era la fecha que me dieron sobre cuando conocería por fin al maravilloso ser que estaba creciendo dentro de mí! y creciendo bien grande como podéis observar por mi barriga. Así que sí, hace 8 años mi barriga lucía así, y como podéis ver todavía estaba dentro ese día, aunque ya empezó a moverse para salir al día siguiente siguiente pero no llegué a conocerlo hasta el día 28! Todavía me tiene igual de enamorada que cuando nació <3!!

17th of June 2019

Well here it’s photo for last week. As usual it was bound to happen sooner or later that I would forget to update the photo of the week with all the new Self-employed courses and new challenges!! 😀

Do you know how difficult it is to live with ADHD? Unless you live with it you have no clue. Here is a graphic representation of how my brain and ideas work inside my mind ;). All those threads are all those projects I try to follow through at the same time ;).

Currently found the original source where they all come from and trying to follow through with them!

But working on being constant with all my projects and this year it’s going to be the photo of the week!! even if I have to admit I have missed one week. 😀


09 June 2019

Parte del trabajo que estoy haciendo con Dulce En Boca

Ella es una repostera que trabaja desde casa y cuya especialidad son los postres para diabéticos. Porque existe la posibilidad de hacerlos sin que los diabéticos apenas noten la diferencia ¡y ella lo consigue! ;D. Laura además también hace cualquier otro tipo de pastel o postre como se puede ver en su página de facebook. Y si le sugieres algo nuevo que no sepa como hacerlo no tiene reparos en investigar y probar hasta dar con la tecla para conseguirlo con éxito.

En la foto un pastel de tres chocolates que hizo para un encargo. Ella quería que la imagen mostrase ambas cosas; el hecho de que es casero y que como tal puede que no luzca perfecto, a veces la galleta de abajo se puede romper al despegarla del papel de horno o molde ¡¡pero así son los postres caseros!!. Los pasteles y tartas artificiales puede que salgan perfectos de fábrica pero seguro que no están hechos con tanto amor ni sabrán tan deliciosos como los caseros que ella hace.

IMG_9743 add deb logo web both logos-2

Some work I’m doing for Dulce en Boca.

A home based baker who is specializing on making sugar free cakes for all those diabetic people out there. Because there is the posibility of doing them without them being able to tell the difference and she masters that!! :D. Laura also makes any other kind of sweets and dessers as you may see in her facebook page. And if she doesn’t know how to, she is not afraid do do some research and she will succeed at it. Here is a three chocolate cake she made for a coffeeshop. She wanted the image to show both; the fact that they’re homemade and the fact that they will not look perfect because of it, sometimes accidents happen and buiscuit may break when taking them out of the mold, but that’s real home cakes for you!!. Artificial cakes may look perfect but will not be made as much love and be as delicious as hers!.

03 de Junio de 2019

Aquí una de las razones por las que elegí esa casa para mi vivienda (y estudio).

Ver un montón de flores de este arbusto en flor cuando fuimos a verla fue un gran presagio, pues siempre me han llamado mucho la atención las pasifloras. Tiene un aspecto un tanto fuera de lo común.

Y a tí … ¿qué hizo que te decantaras por un hogar u otro? ¿la zona? ¿su jardín establecido? ¿la distribución? ¿el número de habitaciones? ¿te la hiciste a tu gusto?


Here is one of the reasons why I chose the house I did…. seeing a massive bunch of these in bloom when I went to visit was one of the main reasons why I loved it.

I love the colours of these extraterrestial looking flowers.

What made you choose your dream home? was it location? their established garden? or did you build it and had it custom-made?

By the way… now that they are in bloom….

27th May 2019

Not long ago I had the opportunity to share breakfast with these vital creatures for human’s survival. It was an interesting experience. At first I must confess I felt a bit overwhelmed with so many of them around our table, you tend to feel they’re all going to sting you but once I realized all they wanted was honey it turned more into like a shared breakfast with wilderness.


20th of May 2019

It’s that time of the year when it’s nice to start having cold coffees. I love capturing new outside the box ideas and I had never seen iced coffee cubes, but it makes a lot of sense as these will not water your coffee down, especially if you have it with milk. This photo was taken at a local coffee shop whilst visiting a couple of great friends and hyperrealistic drawing artists in Arenys de Munt last summer.

Please if you know the name of the coffee shop let me know so I can tag them on the photo. ;D

26th of May

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