House Dream Coming True

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It took me a while to get my house back, but I finally managed to last summer ;D

I wanted an all black room in my house ever since I was 19 and lived independently for a year and I finally almost got it. Lol.

I decided to let the painter/decorator have some say in the matter and I trusted his opinion regarding leaving the wall opposite the window in a lighter grey colour. This is the first time I have ever hired a professional painter by the way.

I’m usually a DO IT YOURSELF kind of girl, but since I painted so much furniture, wardrobes and doors ever since I moved in back at the end of July I felt like I couldn’t find the will to finish that room myself. After all I thought the ceiling also needed doing to get rid of the horrible pervasive smell that was left in the house that bothered me so much and there was no way I felt like painting the ceiling as well.

Anyway, back to the decorating… I wanted the room to stand out somehow so I suggested adding glitter to the paint to give it a different touch. But as you can see in the picture below the glitter doesn’t show on photos unless you magnify the photo so it ended up looking a bit dull for what I had in mind. Perhaps I had more glitter in mind. After all the goal is to use it myself as backdrop for some of my photoshoots as well as renting it to other photographers for the same or just to rent as Airbnb.

So I told him not to worry that I would then leave it like that for a while (since it was already finished) and would end up doing a DIY glitter wall as soon as I had more time and felt like doing a revamp of the room although I was scared of messing up the ceiling and the corners… so after some ideas we ended up going for this sand curtain silver effect he had previously showed me but I hadn’t seen it in silver.

It was a bit of a risk to paint it all to the opposite wall but risks often pay off and I’m so glad I did because it adds so much brightness to that area!! I’m so in love with my silver walls. I’m still undecided of what to hang on those walls though. The white boards were only a last minute decision because I know I want to hang something on that wall and I thought I would better do the holes before just in case I ruined the freshly painted wall.

That chest of drawers and side tables may go to another room as soon as I can get two narrow side tables I like so I can move the bed more to the middle of that wall.

He used the remainder glitter gray paint he had mixed and reduced it with white for the hallway and it doesn’t show much but it gives the hallway a touch of sophistication when you actually notice it.

Not sure for how long it will stay that light grey for though because my kids, nephews and pupils keep putting their little cute yet dirty hands on the wall and I may have to upgrade it into a couple of shades darker as soon as I get the chance… but I will do so myself when the time comes. ;D

And below are the different stages to the hallway decorating process. My ex husband did the flooring back in the day as that’s what really put me off of this house. Kitchen floor and countertop will be next once I’m done with the painting process.

My mother and I painted the doors white and my father helped me change all the lightswitches, door handles and light fixtures.

Since there was some silver paint left over we used it for the kitchen door frame surroundings and that pillar at the far end on the picture above. The devil is in the details… so here you have a close up picture. ;D

You can’t notice it in these photos but he also sanded the walls in the bedroom, repaired a bunch of holes in them, repaired a couple of ceilings that were damaged and did a great job at gluing the skirting boards seamlessly and left everything looking as perfect as it does now.

Like I said, I never hired a professional so I’m totally unaware if that’s part of the job or what they all should do but since I can’t imagine myself doing that work I even call him my “wall/ceiling super hero” because below is how most of the skirting boards in the hallway, the bedroom and the two other rooms he helped me with looked like before he did his work.

And obviously, he didn’t do it for free but there are some hours he didn’t charge me for and I wanted to thank him with a special feature to his work.

I totally recommend him and needless to say he’s very chatty and friendly.

And as you can see I painted and recycled the hallway unit. I was about to throw it away when a glimpse of what I did below crossed my mind.

And well, I think it looks great. I’m glad I gave it a go at it. Painting it black was my mother’s idea though. So credit where it’s due. ;D

ps; and yes, I also painted the one at the end of the hallway. 😉

And that’s all folks!! 😀

Remember that dreams definitely come true for those who also put a little bit of work and investment into them.

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