2021 Resolutions….

My New Year Resolutions that I can publicly share fall in the following categories;


  • Less work, more fun and effortless loads of money coming my way.
  • Daily exercise and healthy eating approach.

Last year I made it my goal to show whatever you want to achieve is possible using my body as an example for it. What I wanted was just to learn how to be consistent at something. I still missed some weeks of holidays or extremely busy periods of time. This year I will continue with my new habit of doing daily exercise and illustrate how those clothes I used last year suit me now.

  • Challenging myself to learn new skills

I really didn’t want to get into video making because of all the learning curve I would have to eventually go through and how much more work I think it’s involved in comparison with the photography post processing. But oh well….if my name was going to be on the IMVICTA project I thought I might as well add my artistic flare and contribute in the creative process of the final video clips delivered to our customers.

Below my second video ever created on Adobe Premier. I once found myself testing my old Canon 6D and I wanted to capture this colourful windmill in motion. I must also thank my customer and friend David for teaching me some quick basics I required to create this simple promotional video on that video making program and who’s also tried to get me more involved and interested in the video making process by making me his model on one of his latest video creations here, and on this other link is where I added my musical taste, vision and story telling ideas to edit this video as I had sort of pictured in my mind while I was following instructions. ;D

  • Helping people learn English/Spanish for free and with minimal effort.

Facebook page I’ve created where I’m planning to teach English for free with interesting and resourceful idiomatic expressions translated into Spanish… from which also English people can benefit at the same time as we get to listen to wild tunes of all genres. Which Corona restrictions allowing might take into real life lessons.


These include changing the world by targetting the main reason why I believe there is so much abuse, so much domestic violence, so much need for competition, so much depression, jealousy and plenty of other unhealthy habits that cause havoc in people’s lives.

  • Inspire more women to become emotionally and financially independent. So they’ll always have a way to escape any abusive situations they may find themselves inadvertedly in. Being unable to do so teaches their children accepting violence or disrespect from someone is ok when is not. It teaches their children toxic patterns their kids will think are acceptable. 
  • Inspire more women to learn to value themselves high enough and raise their relationships standards prior to enter any kind of romantic relationship so they’re less likely to tolerate any kind of ill treatment or disrespect from day one.
  • Make more men aware of these high standards in hopes they’ll also encourage the women in their lives (mums, wives, sisters, daughters, cousins, etc) to follow them and that way also learn to respect the women who already have them in place, and by that I also mean not trying to test these women limits on a consistent basis and respect their limits and their bodies.

For all the above I’m planning to post daily content on my Find Your Wild Side page.

And last but not least;

  • Wild Dreamers project; a monthly interview with someone I admire for their bold determination and fearless attitude in life to go after what they want in life.

Imagine people so busy working on making their dreams and goals come true that they have no time whatsoever to even think about, notice, envy, judge or complain about what other people are doing with their lives . That could be translated as freedom from the opinion of others as well as freeing themselves from judging one another.

People chasing their goals and living merrily in that purpose often make insecure people feel jealousy, envy, inferiority complex, insecurities and the bullying and the abuse associated as a consequence of it all. So if we want a better world out there we all have to focus on improving ourselves regardless of what other people are doing to improve or stagnate themselves.

Most people fail to realize that the results they get in life are simple a direct consequence of the choices they’ve made in life based on fear or auto pilot brain washed and popular thought processes that only fit those ruling the world currently.

So to change their current reality is just as simple as to change their thought process about how much power they have to change the current reality they’re experiencing. Please bear in mind that I’ve said it’s “simple”; not “easy”.

If it was easy everyone would do it and there would be nothing but sweet harmony all around. But, sadly, as we know it’s not quite like that for everyone out there yet.

We often forget we have multiple daily choices on how to feed our minds, bodies and souls and it’s always entirely up to us how to feed them in the future. The easiest, fastest and most effortless way I’ve found so far is through music. Not any kind of music though. Lyrics and messages like in the song below.

If you too want to make the world a better place please share my content in your social media to help spread the message.

To illustrate how we condition our reality… you can read below how my 2020 has been thanks to my attitude and my choices.

I know there are people comitting suicide and unemployed for whom the Covid 19 has been the worst thing that could ever has happened to them. But I wonder if that has to do with their attitude in life overall.

2020 was actually a fantastic year for me. Even in the first weeks of lockdown and uncertainty, instead of panicking I chose to remain positive and situation soon worked to my advantage. Thanks to my fearless and rebellious attitude I also aimed for a homework stress-free kids and myself whilst being politically subsided to do so. Instead of putting on weight, I also lost all the weight I wanted. Socially conditioning doesn’t seem to work well on me.I must also add that thanks that years ago I also chose to remain positive and hoped for a political party that would actually cared for the people they ruled for I even got paid to stay home with my kids.

Now, definitely different choices in life lead to different realities, I guess. I once hoped for such a political party to exist and it came to life many years ago, and even when plenty of nay-sayers were causing disbelief… I chose to stay hopeful. The chances of them actually being in power seemed ridiculous, but I still voted and hoped for the best. You could call it coincidence or luck if you want to but I think I didn’t do it alone. And yes…I couldn’t travel as far as I would have liked to but still did and enjoyed local travelling thoroughly, and I even worked during the summer. Yes, I didn’t go clubbing, to concerts and socializing as much as I would have liked to but I did have some crazy pre Corona Virus in Madrid and it didn’t stop me from meeting new amazing people near my town.

I’m well aware it wasn’t like this for everyone and I feel sorry for all those who have suffered Covid losses when it comes to lives and jobs, yet at the same time I realize that I haven’t even entertained a single thought of losing any loved ones due to Covid-19 and I wonder if it’s due to avoid watching pandemic movies or entertaining negative thoughts at all (which I think also helps). This year even my wildest ignored images (by most of my near 900 “friends” on facebook finally got noticed by someone that so far so good seems like an excellent person and somehow I feel that something great is about to happen fairly soon regarding my miserable artist income, lol. Once again I realize if I had lost faith in any given moment regarding the high quality of my images and chose not to post any, then this person would have never approached me to offer me to collaborate or create some kind of partnership or business deal.

Would you still call me lucky? or do you think I somehow choose the outcome I want by the thought processes and decisions I make on a daily basis?

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