Body Challenge #20

Wow… I’ve been consistently posting this body challenge for 20 weeks… that’s one of the goals I was trying to achieve.

When it comes to losing weight…. I haven’t lost much this week either, seems my muscles must be getting heavier. But I think I can see my arms getting fitter day by day and I also got a couple of cms off my body here and there. This week I’ve still been working on the 30 day shred as well as some targetted areas. The goal is to be active, to be fit and to show that change is possible. I’ve done this of losing weight three times or four already. But this time around I just wanted to document the process.

Dress size 38 corset size M (chinese).

Styling tip… if dress is too plain… perhaps try one of these corsets on. I think it gives it a nice touch of sophistication and it also keeps you in great posture. And yes… I wanted to try the dress and see how it fitted. I also wanted to remember how to walk with high heels. ;D

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