Body Challenge #24

This week I’ve been doing the 30 min leg challenge I mentioned two weeks ago and also started doing one out two back fat workouts and one or two 7 mins abs workout per day. No more than hour in total still.

This week I have experienced a non-scale victory.

I went shopping and since we can’t actually try clothes on due to Covid-19 I took this dress home hoping I might squeeze in it somehow as it physically looked like I could fit in despite of being such a little size, I would have gone for a bigger size but this one was the closet to my size of the ones left. So as I was about to take the weekly challenge photos for this week I remembered to try it on so to see how it really looked on me from all angles … and I quite like how it fits… if only a bit too tight at the moment to feel 100% comfortable, and that is noticeable on the picture of the back, but wow, a size 6! that must be wrong or I’m losing sight of how little or slim I’m getting. But I swear… last time I was size 6 I was 10 kilos lighter.

What do you think, would you keep it when it’s a bit tight hoping you would fit in more comfortably? or would you return it?

I’m a bit crazy and I like to encourage myself to fit in it comfortably sooner than later. So I will most likely keep it and soon will be wearing it… because that’s something that really works for me. Positive thinking… all the way to the end. ;D

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