Body Challenge #42

Well…. I dared step on the scale and it said 62,4k.

Not very happy about that but I spent a couple of weekends away eating out and I guess all those indian meals have to go somewhere ;D.

I’ve just noticed that top is a bit seethrough so I have to make a mental note to wear a little tank top underneath if I take it to teach. Luckily today wasn’t one of those days though ;D

So bum workouts seem to be paying off. These last two weeks I’ve been mostly working out lower back, thighs and bum. And I think it’s definitely showing on the update picture of this week. Those trousers are size 38 and used to feel uncomfortably tight but now feel like a perfect fit.

That belt used to belong to my skinny ex…. so if I can almost do it all the way up I guess I’m slimmer in real life than I look on photos.

Progress all the way till here…

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