Body Challenge Week 13

For this past week I’ve been sort of lazy and not feeling too motivated to do exercise.

Luckily enough I haven’t felt like eating all that much.

And can’t be bothered to take measures. I might next Saturday or Sunday. Who cares? This is only for myself. But just to show you how change is possible and how to lose weight with the minimal effort but the sort of right positive attitude does help.

Since I had scheduled to do this every Wednesday morning I was always wearing my working clothes. So today I fancied wearing something different to work at home. ;D

My scale told me I’m nailing it at becoming hotter than hell (66.6) XD.

Yet I’m having several non-scale victories…. tummy looks flatter, bum looks significantly smaller somehow after a week sitting and typing all week long… despite of sitting down writing all week and legs look way too sculpted for my taste. And that’s me avoiding legs workout routines lately.

Black skirt size 38 and shirt I think it’s actually H+M size 36.

And I got dressed up to not lose the habit and to test my theory of the difference it makes to dress stylish even if you’re the only one who’s going to see it. And yes, you do. But it’s definitely not the most comfy look. So perhaps next week I’ll try in pyjamas. ;D

And below I was tried some trousers that 3 weeks ago barely chosed.

Those trousers are actually size S I think!! ;D

So yes… sometimes just staying positive and staying as far away from naughty food and as busy and inspired at work does help lose tons of weight!

I also got dressed to throw the recycling and some rubbish (not in the pic)… so I can also show you here my apocalyptic covid fashion look for April XD.

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