Body Challenge Week #51

And body is baaaaaack just on time for my birthday!!

Taken this morning, with the help of my new business partner Alfonso de la Osa, as he arrived just as I was about to set the camera for the remote shooting and prior to go to work on a very exciting new job opportunity which is also a great reason as to why I don’t mind working on my birthday at all!! what can I say??… I love my life, I love my job, I love my choices, the people I choose to surround myself with or collaborate with and all the dreams I get to make come true for me thanks mostly to my wild and daring attitude. And I think it shows. I look better an almost year away from my naughty forties than I ever did a year away from my also naughty twenties!! 😀

And it’s been two weeks that I’ve been suprisingly able to fit I on most of my old size 8 (Spanish size 36) which I barely got to wear between first child and second pregnancy (I was never this fit on my twenties)!! Just doing daily exercise was the goal… but I knew I would slim as a side effect and the proof is in the pudding… yeps, all the puddings I get to eat… as I’ve been eating naughty as usual. ;D

To see what I’ve done to lose weight you can click on the links below!! ;D

ps… thank you very much for all the birthday wishes!!! I still haven’t got round to see all the messages I got on my facebook wall!! But I appreciate all the love I get my way!! Merry Christmas to you all and I hope all your wild dreams come true in 2021, most of mine did, mostly because they depended on me for that to happen. But it’s always exciting to get to know other wild dreamers just like me to go even further!! ;D. My next year goal is to get at least 12 interviews by the end of next year! ;D

Special thanks to my favourite online trainers:

Lucy Wyndham, Bailey Brown, Koboko fitness and blogilates.

To see which workouts I’ve used the most check on the weekly links.

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