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What if with only 2GBP per month you could:

  • Have access to a private facebook group with empowering content to keep you inspired on a daily basis?
  • Receive discounts on photoshoots, online courses, products and English lessons?
  • Have access to an online community (or real life community if you live in Granada) of wild people just like you who don’t judge and gossip about other people because they’re too busy becoming the best version of themselves and helping you do the same?

* Photoshoot will be taken in Granada area, but if you come to have it taken we might as well show you around so you can make the most of your visit.

Too good to be true?

Join us now and try it out for yourself. ;D

Are your in urgent need of a new job?

Send your message here specifying all your life skills and areas of expertise you have.

I’m sure each person is great at doing something and perhaps that something is what we’re needing the most to improve, grow and reach out to more people. So please, tell us how your skills could be of use to grow this social project to empower people.

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