Be a 50/50 Lady…NOT.

I think she seriously forgot to mention taking the kids to the doctor, staying at home with the kids when they’re ill not getting paid yet expecting her to keep her job somehow and pay half the bills. Make sure you buy gifts for his family, send Christmas cards to them too because he won’t, have details with hosts that invite you to their place because he won’t see the need, and many more but also… pay half.

Yeps… because women don’t do anything at all. Do we? Nah.

So yeps…. I can totally relate with her addition to it, as well. She added the “just don’t be a golddigger”… as if we just expect men to spend all their hard earned cash on us for us to stay at home doing nothing.

“God, Why are you so high maintenance?”, “why do you even need that?” , “you expect so much and give so little”… or “you wouldn’t have any of this if weren’t for me” are some of the few examples in which a man can totally stab and kill dead the love of a woman who does all the above and gets taken for granted.

A man who doesn’t see her value, questions her decisions or takes everything she does to keep a home and a family for granted quickly loses value.

So if there are any man reading this and wants to know how to be a valuable man for these kind of heroines who can manage it all on their own but they wouldn’t mind the company of an awesome man… read more about it here. Those are the ones who make her fairy tale come true.

Is she delusional? Not at all… she gets what she believes she deserves.

Because the house, the roof, the job, the family with someone doesn’t quite fill her up with joy enough as to put up with a man by her side who not only does not see her value but who questions it regularly and attempts to diminish it on a daily basis in hopes she will even will feel grateful she has such a critical and mean man by her side. The least he could do to actually keep such a woman would be investing on her emotional needs, on fulfilling them, on exceeding them.

But obviously not all women are deserving of this.


Sé una señora que paga a medias, dijeron

¿Por qué no pagas tú? Tú tienes un trabajo. ¿Porqué deben pagar los hombres? Ten una carrera, cuida la casa, cuida los niños, cuida de tu hombre. Sé sexy, se atractiva para él. Tienes que complacerlo para conservarlo. Siempre ofrece pagar, saca tu monedero. No seas antigua.

Sé una mujer que paga a medias. No seas una cazafortunas. No actúes por encima de tu posición. Ve a trabajar a tiempo completo. Recoge a los niños del cole. No pagues una niñera. No necesitas ayuda. Tú puedes hacerlo. Ignora tus necesidades. Da a luz. Parto natural. Sé una buena madre, pero no te quejes. No tengas dolor de cabeza. Dale sexo. Limpia la casa. Paga las facturas.

A los hombres le gustan las mujeres que tienen carreras. Se una mamá jefa. Hazlo todo. Sé una mujer que paga a medias dijeron. Toma turnos o paga tu mitad. Elimina tu lado femenino.

Limpia la casa, paga las facturas, ve a trabajar, recoge los niños, deja los niños. Luce bonita. Levanta esa barbilla. Deja todo hecho. Gana menos pero paga más. A los hombres no le gustan las mujeres que no se ofrecen a pagar. Toma turnos. Saca tu monedero. No seas una cazafortunas. Los hombres esperan que las mujeres paguen. Hazle la cena a tu hombre, limpia lo que ensucie. Pagale su café. No seas mujer difícil de altas exigencias. A los hombres no les gusta eso.

Sé una mujer que paga a medias dijeron. No trabajes muchas horas, pasa tiempo con tus niños, sé una madre, sé una mujer dedicada a su carrera profesional, sé una esposa, sé una proveedora, paga las facturas, paga la cena, paga café, sé su mujer, dale sexo,

Sé esto

Sé aquello

Sé todo.

Simplemente no seas una cazafortunas.

No es justo…


No…. Felíz día de la mujer….

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