Body Challenge #34

I had some front back and side pic with the bikini below but…..

But I decided to take some without the loose blouse I was wearing on the photoshoot so I could illustrate the progress with some more clothes on.

Among my many skills I have that one of knowing how to wear clothes and pose slimmer than I actually am. That’s why on the back picture it may seem like I’m slimming a bit too much. Well… no. I actually have one roll of fat on each side if I relax. Lol.

But for showing off purposes this is what posing right and keeping a straight posture can do for your in photos as well as in real life!! ;D

I’m being lazy with the measurements but I’m pleased with the visual results and the fact that I’m around 62 kilos this week.

So… so far it’s been 34 weeks of painfully slow progress… but I’m making happen again!! ;D

May this post and this song below remind you that you too can reach your goals. That you too can embrace and overcome those traits that you thought were clear signs that you would never do well in life just by being your flawed self. That you to can be FL-awesome and be perfectly ok with not being perfect yet aiming to be your best and working on overcoming whatever obstacles get on your way to get what you really want out of life and out of you. Because it’s up to you to change whatever you want of you.

Like they sing in the song below I too made friends with the floor, with and without heels and I was notoriously clumsy. The moment I no longer cared about being clumsy the less I am. So here I am finally mastering the art of wearing high heels for photoshoots, dinners in and dinners out!! ;D. Must confess those I’m wearing on the photos are extremely comfortable. And as she also sings in the song… I am actually reaching four different goals at once. Because I hate to waste time and effort I guess. If I’m determined I want something… I get it. And if I’m gonna put in work then I want as many results as possible. ;D

And as it says… “I do my dance and cancel the plans, boo don’t be mad cause you had the chance”. That goes for any guy out there who tries to make me waste my time under the false pretense that they’re willing to hire me as a teacher, photographer or whatever.

I found this song thanks to this youtube fitness trainer and this week I’m going to do at least 4 or 5 different workouts with her. That one above for general cardio as well as this one and this other one too.

This one and this other one for arms. Doing this one for legs and bum too.

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