Body Challenge #17

Ok…. so not sure if I will be able to keep this Lucy Squad 30 day Shred. As most of my regular readers know, I struggle at keeping stuff consistent. But if I’ve kept updating on this goal for 17 weeks on a row… I guess I’m improving on that sense.

Today I’ve also started this flat abs by Sanny Vander . When it comes to my thighs and bum and abs I will probably be rotating between
HelloJosieLiz for my thighs and Bayley Brown for butt and abs workouts. And will keep rotating arm workouts from Sanny Vander and Tracy Anderson. Which are all the ones I’ve also been doing last week.

Needless to say how thankful I am to all these beautiful ladies sharing their working out routines for weight loss… online and for free so we can all try to stay fit at home and with no equipment (most of the ones I do).

Today I’ve done the Day 1 shred, the abs and arms from Sanny and the thighs from Josie. I may get some dancing later when the kids wake up.

As of today… my weigh this morning was 64,7 kg

I’ll put here only the main measurements I’m interested in.

Knee: 37 Mid Thigh: 59,5 Mid Thigh:49 Hips: 102 Belly B: 85cm Waist:77 R.Arm high: 27,5

Body looks somewhat ok with clothes… but really, what I want is to have my super fit amazing body back. I’ve done it before, you can check measurements below.

Tons of work to do when it comes to upper back fat, arms, waist and thighs.

That’s when I was even slimmer than I am now and I lost 8 kilos.

But I’ll be happy with 57kilos. That’s what I was more or less on the pic below.

Not planning to do anything special for dieting. But since warm weather is starting in Spain and I usually fancy salads when it’s warm I’ll try to have as many as possible. With tuna or ham as proteine, olive oil and salt as the only seasoning.

I will go back to my tomato + beetroot smoothies. And I will try to cut down on any sweets, alcohol and snacks (not easy on quarantine when I have the kids, but will do!)

It’s also watermelon season…. my absolute favourite fruit… so it shall be easy to drop the weight snacking on this instead of other sweet stuff.

Anyone starting to lose weight today or who is regularly doing any kind of weight loss or body transformation… please feel free to share your pics on the comments below, your weight today, and your measurements… and whatever plan you’re intending to follow for this week.

I would love to see who is making faster progress with whatever sport/diet they’ve taken on.

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