Body Challenge #19

Well.. half last week I’ve been eating somewhat naughty (pizzas, cakes, jellie beans, biscuits and what not), and the scond half I’ve been eating healthy and clean… vegetable smoothies and salads.

My measurements and weight has been all over the place since I started the shred. I’m noticing the time in which I measure myself, as well as the hours of sleep I’m lacking when I take them or the hour I measure myself make a huge difference. And to be more effective I should wake up every day at the same hour, after same amount of sleeping hours and under the same circumstances. But that’s unrealistic of me, so I’ll just track whatever on the days I do remember to stay on top of this goal.

Thanks to my chaos I get to see the huge amount of water retention I get on my legs from one day to the next and the 2 kilos excess I seem to get when I’m on those days of the month, or well, that’s what I hope they are.

However, the goal is to keep control of my fitness level, to save myself tons of money by fitting in my cute size 36-38 wardrobe and to show you is possible to lose weight with minimal effort (40 mins of exercise per day, the most, sometimes only 7 or 4 mins) if you really really want to.

Today I wasn’t going out or meeting friends online… so just with some sporty clothes before working out today.

Today I wasn’t going out or meeting friends online… so I’m just posing with some sporty clothes before working out today.

I think I haven’t lost any weight or cms but my arms, tummy, legs and butt feel and look leaner and more defined to me. ;D

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