Body Challenge #41

It’s been a week or two that I can finally fit on one of the latest size 38 I bought a year or two ago thinking I was closer to my goal then. But obviously I wasn’t working out as constantly as I am now.

Here I am… being the happiest girl you ever knew! ;D

Been an extremely hectic week with kids since last Tuesday so no time to check measurements or even hop on the scale. I think scale says I’m heavier. But I feel lighter. So let’s ignore the scale and enjoy this non-scale victory!! ;D

This week I’ve been working out mostly bum exercises from Lucy Wyndham-Read and I think it’s showing. Definitely feeling the sore muscles either way. ;D

Ps: I already have a body I love… but as week go by it gets firmer, fitter and better overall just like my determination to post weekly on this, which I neglected during summer but I’m catching up with again. ;D

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