Body Challenge #5

Provided last weekend I had half a BBQ family sized pizza, a Big Mac burguer, a McFlurry, plus some cake for breakfast…. I guess I can’t complain if my weight is shockingly less than last week!!.

This week I’m 67.8kg and my measurements are pretty much the same. During this week I have decided to invest a little bit longer on my workouts though. From now on I might be doing from 15 to 20 mins long workouts and vary them each day… because I get bored easily of the same stuff.

So … yeps… stay away of junk food if you want to see any kind of progress when it comes to measurements!! ;D

IMGL7496 WEEK 5 wm

Slimming tip: Loose shirts around the waist. Not only looks more stylish… but it also hides the muffing top beautifully.

To speed things up I will do the infamous 3 day British Foundation Diet every other weekend.

How are you doing with your 2020 goals?

Fancy joining me on this fad diet that really gets you lose weight fast? plus… on the few occassions I stuck to it regularly my metabolism changed.. I got rid of snacking between hours and you feel like balancing your meals better so you don’t go hungry again.

I’m on my first day and I am not feeling as hungry as I used to.

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