Body challenge #33

As mentioned in my previous one. I wouldn’t be doing the regular updating. I’ve still tried to exercise pretty much every day.

These photos are not my regular ones but these are the latest photos I have taken of me. Yes… I wasn’t planning to pose for pics so I didn’t even do my make up for any of those. In fact I was just having my first coffee of the day and the other ones were on the swimmingpool where I wasn’t intending to have pics taken of me either, but oh well. That’s me… making the most of life and work balance and still trying to stay on top of my 2020 goals.

Seems the back fat workout are giving results. I alternate between these two three times a week the most and they double up as cardio and arm workout.

For abs I’m also alternating between this one and this other one from Bailey Brown. And also the 4 mins standing abs from Lucy Squad as well as any of her 4 mins speed up metabolism ones or any of her 20 mins workouts when I’m with the kids.

And here is my 2020 summer body. Still a work in progress. But can’t complain at all. Fitter than in the last four years ;D

I’m still doing some of those 7 mins leg workouts but not as much as the 30 day 30 min challenge I did in July. It definitely paid off and I love how hardly any cellullite shows on the pic below.

I’ve been eating like a pig with all inclusive buffets, delicious food in chinese and indian restaurants, burguers, snacks, ice creams and what not during the last two weeks so I’m still scared to go on the scale. But clothes still fit so I take it I’m still more or less in the same shape but obviously have done no progress but quite happy with what I’m seeing in the mirror and how my legs feel now.

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