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Are you already wild? Great. Now you only have to keep it up… with all sort of tunes to suit your mood or to change and achieve your new goals.

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  • Access all the time during that period with new tunes added every other day
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  • Music to reignite your passion, spark your marriage, reclaim your power, invigorate your soul, slay your life or business goals, embrace opportunities, enjoy your life and sharpen your instincts.

Here is an example on how I would choose to feel uplifted before a Saturday Night with mostly mainstream music.  Or how I get my wildest side out for a date night.




Music can help you remember the past so you can deal with it more effectively, it can validate your feelings, embrace your own story, make sense of it, realize it’s all up and in your head, and therefore in your hands to change the rest of it and raise even higher and brighter than ever before after that.




So please, let me help you find music that will uplift you and inspire you to do and feel better, feel stronger, not give a damn, feel good, get in happy mood, energized, and more likely to own the night when you get ready to go out.

If on the contrary you need music that may help you do some inner work and release some pent-up anger, frustration and resentment bottled up from years of feeling like there is something not quite right inside of us, or from being a people pleaser and not being fully aware of it, or taking bullshit not meant for you but not knowing how to avoid it. Yeps… I can definitely help with tunes of that nature. It is a fact scientifically proven that metal heads are happier than the average person in the room due to listening precisely (yes, you’ve guessed it!) the most extreme aggressive tunes out there. why? because this music served as an emotional outlet to deal with such dark emotions in a positive way (why go to jail? no, we just wish karma will hit them back, and it always does).

All those times we took bullshit not meant for us just because we did not know better how to avoid it. Or all those choices and decisions other people took for us because we didn’t dare make a stand or thought we even had a chance to say no to. Or the decisions society imposed on us. They were choices that perhaps were thought to be “for our own sake” but really it was for theirs, nobody knows what is best for us but ourselves, and sometimes some people are not even fit to rule themselves either.

Although sometimes we can lie to ourselves and think we can control certain situations and make excuses for people or situations that are no longer good for us and therefore trapped in a cage we built for ourselves. Unable to speak up of what’s going on because  you feel ashamed. No…. no anymore. With the right music that will be let out off your chest as well so you can unleash all those painful memories and find your true self in the process.



If you’ve been clicking on the links by now you might have noticed that quote above is actually true.

Some songs do really help build up your confidence, others help you stay positive with their uplifting beats, some help you think and consider setting up new standards while doing both, others just feel good with who you are now, even if you get labelled as psycho, crazy or diva for enjoying a healthy self-esteem they can’t stand because it means nothing of what they say has any power over you at all, regardless what some people tried to do to you.

Remember, as long as you feel comfortable with who you are you become fearless and unstoppable. And you have absolute no idea how great it feels to listen to your gut, and follow your heart whilst not forgeting to take your head along with it.

It’s kind of magic and it shows on photos as well. Even in real life, people feel naturally drawn to you, engage with you in conversation, admire you for the vibes you transmit as if you were completely magnetic and radiating light. And I did that just listening to music.

Laurais Arts


However… such music can be difficult to hard to find just on the spot and when you want it or need it the most. But what if I had them already on my head? or what if I had them already organized in playlists based on mood and status as I already have?

If you want a fully customized set list bearing in mind your music style and your current state of affairs and any goals you may have in mind. Please let me know here!

I believe music has that healing power to connect mind and soul everyone hopes medicine will give them but doesn’t. And medicine helps but the connection, what moves you, what inspires you, what makes you it’s what music gets out of you.

Not wild yet and admiring those who go for what they want and actually get it?

Then click now to start doing the Find Your Wild Side Course.

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