Body Back Challenge #3

So I’ve made a little progress….

I’ve had a scale victory of 67 and I’ve also lost 2 cm off my waist!!

Can’t believe I made it to three weeks. Wow.. this year I’m definitely determined to control my life and everything that goes in it!! 😀

Not sure why but I started having a mild back ache so I have changed the workout routine, just in case it’s due to that. So half way through this week I swapped to this 5 mins one and another short ones targetting either arms or thighs. But no more than 10 mins.

IMGL7176 week 3

Slimming tip: That sort of cardigan was actually a present… but I like it because it’s got a certain tailored cut to it.. not sure I liked the padding on it… but it’s sort of slimming.

How about you? are you making any progress with your 2020 goals or fitness goals? Feel free to share your progress with pics or a comment on the comment section below.

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