Body Back Challenge #2

Hi people!!

I’m moving this challenge to my fearless attitude website… because in Find Your Wild Side is where we dare to set personal challenges and achieve them all!. From looking your most genuine self in photoshoots to bring your dreams into fruition!

Well… here making prowress at this of trying to update weekly….

Since it’s only a week… the change is not very noticeable I should think. But I have lost a cm off my thighs and 2 cm of my hips… none of my belly though. Weight remains the same 68.3. Either way… let’s call  it a non-scale victory because I feel great, slimmer and fitter. Might just be the clothes I’m wearing.

Trousers are size 38/40 uk 10/12, red top size 36 (size 8) and cardigan is Peacock’s size 8 (Europe 36), although I always thought clothes from there were way too big for that size.

Slimming tip of the week: black is definitely and seriously slimming ;D… as well as one of my favourite colours. So yes… you’ll see me wearing a lot of black on my photos.

What about you? how are you going or keeping up with getting fitter or slimmer goals this week? Any shocking progress? Let me know in the comments below! ;D

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