Body Challenge #10

After a weekend getaway with some friends eating out like twice a day for two days and not really caring what I chose to eat I somehow managed to keep the same weight. 66.2!!

And not really caring what I ate… really means not caring what I ate. That includes one of those massive large featured menus in an oriental restaurant, donoughts and little croissants for breakfast, deep fried fish, pancakes for tea, Thai for dinner, chocolate cakes and what not… I’m in shock I managed to keep the same weight to be honest. I must also confess I’ve been co-fasting every morning since Monday morning.

But oh well, I thought… it was a special occasion and I felt I didn’t need to deprive myself from eating whatever I wanted because somehow I will burn it. That is some serious wishful thinking going on there. But it seems to work for me. It hasn’t made me any slimmer but at least I’m not fatter after all last weekend excess combined with those days of the month in which all women get horribly bloated with water retention ;D

Slimming tip: If your elasticated jeggings or trousers no longer feel tight on you they will actually make you look chunkier and bulkier. As in the photo above.

I was so busy this last Wednesday that I forgot to take measures… this week. Oh well.

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