Body Challenge #12

This week I have only exercised every other day for 15 mins. The days I have exercised I have mainly done the 15 mins sculpting body video.

Last week I got all dressed for the pictures but didn’t like them so here is to week 12 where I have done excerise more regularly and also managed to do the photos. So far the only routine I’m trying to keep under control.

The rest are hard to follow.. as most imply routines to clean and leave the house on time when I have to work outside. But since these days I have to work from home… most of them don’t make much sense.

I haven’t worn those jeans since the week before the quarantine started (13rd of March for me in South Spain) and I dreaded I wouldn’t be able to fit in those again but today they were surprisingly loose on the tummy. I got dressed to film a video cooking wiht my son for a school home assignment… so I thought I might as well take the body challenge pictures.

And yeps… I forgot to take measurements… tomorrow I will and update this! or maybe next week.

So far so good me and my kids are safe and sound. ;D

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