Body Challenge #16

Well, after a week of wearing the corsett and doing arm workouts…

I’ve lost 1cm of arm volume… I weight 64,3k and my tummy feels flatter when I’m not wearing the corsett. In fact it’s actually 4 cms less than it was last week!! perhaps it helps I’ve just measured it right after taking the corsett off. My ribs have also shrinked 4 cms… ;D

So… this week is a non-scale victory!!! well, it’s a minor scale victory as well.

That corset and top I bought them both when I was super skinny,… like 55k or less. Not sure how it fits with 10 kilos extra unless my body is storing more weight on my bones or something, top is a Uk size 8 and Skirt it’s a size 10. The corset was taken in on the sides back in the day, can’t remember if it was an M or an S.

I’m not wearing this outfit anywhere but I had a shower and a call to a friend scheduled out, so … why not looking my best and shoot the photos of the week before talking to her?. Taken on Friday. That one hugs my body in tighter than the basic one on my pic below. It’s also more rigid. And yes… that skirt and the corsett doesn’t quite go well, the corsett lift it up too high.. and it doesn’t look cool at knee height.

So I’m very well pleased with my co-cof-fasting (corset-coffee-fasting) week. I may try to keep it on whilst the kids are here this week. But, if impossible, I guess I’ll do it the following one!! ;D

Regarding exercise…. I’ve done a couple of 5 mins abs workouts, a 15 min body sculpt one and for or 6 arm workouts of different lengths and different youtube trainers. No more than 40 mins of workouts I think.;D

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