Body Challenge #29

I’ve skipped a few weeks… not sure how time went by so quickly, but having kids for two weeks in a row plus holiday plans have made it impossible to keep up with the weekly routine of taking picis and load them.

However I’m still going strong. In fact, last week is the only week I haven’t worked out at all. But I did walk quite a lot during my short stay in Altea that week.

I may not be able to do weekly photos until September. Once I’m finished with the summer English Immersions with the kids and the hols afterwards.

But last time I tracked my weight I was 63.6 and today I’m 63,2 so I guess I’ve done well during those weeks off exercise!! ;D

Now here is a picture then of my latest weekly update.

Yes, bear in mind as a photographer I think I know how to make my models and clients look their best on photos. So perhaps I look a lot fatter in reality. But who cares?… Still, that’s one of my latest photos with my current weight sort to speak ;D

I started in January with 68k and as day of today I’m on 63,2 kg and my goal weight was at least 62. so I’m nearly there but let’s see if I can go all the way down to 56 and then I would look asin the picture below. I think regular people have it easier to lose weight….. My metabolism with hypothyroidism makes slimming like a neverending slow process… but it’s not like I’ve killed myself working out everyday either.

I’m also planning to collaborate with an old friend of mine who works now as a nutritionist to see if there is some foods I should particularly avoid to make the process faster or to not pile on weight so fast. I was 62 already at the start of 2018. Then again in 2019. But as soon as I relax I catch 5 kilos that take me months to get off.

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