Body Challenge #48

Well…. I was trying some clothes on… decided to try these size 8 trousers just on wishful thinking alone. But not worrying too much if I couldn’t do them up. I remembered I was quite skinny when I bought them years ago.

I was shocked they passed through my thighs to begin with and even more shocked when I somehowed managed to close them (they’re not the jegging style).

They felt extremely uncomfortably tight. But either way I chose to take some picures to see how much of a muffin top they made me.

And wow… I was shocked!! not too much of a muffin top after all. A bit of stubborn belly fat to removes still but I’ll be mostly targetting that one from here till the end of the year.

Hopefully by then I’d be able to fit inside those more comfortably.

For reference this is me with a 38 weeks pregnant tummy. And I have had two of those going all the way to 41 weeks. Yes… even bigger than on the selfie below.

Although I have lost the weight many times and got into my little jeans here we go again. This time I wanted to document the process.

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