Body Challenge #7

Right… so last Wednesday night I had to pack all in a rush as we had a sudden loss in my sister’s in law family. And a sad one. I squeezed in a little workout before leaving early Thursday morning.

Friday morning was the funeral and wasn’t really in a mood to work out.

I spent from Thursday till Sunday eating like a pig… really. In fact I was dreading this morning and getting on the scale. But much to my surprise I was still 66,8k! Phew!! ;D

I worked out three out of the four days I spent away… but not much, only one day I managed to fit a 15 mins one. That one is a total pain in the ass but it does definitely work. Yesterday I unexpectedly ended up walking for about an hour.

I managed to squeeze in my old uniform size 6 trousers. Please notice… when I bought them they were also tight as hell. But then I was only 57kilos!! So not sure how my weight has increased so much after the birth yet I’m still being able to squeeze in these jeggings.

Tip of the week; Invest in jeggins… I know … one should wear comfortable clothes but wearing skin tight jeggins as you can see can do wonders for your body shape. Just make sure you only wear them for several hours in a row.

I’ve started dancing again… and I might do a progress video on that from this week onward if I get the time to edit the videos.

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