Body Challenge #8


Here is to end of week 8!!

I must confess I haven’t been very consistent on the working out this week.

So my body doesn’t look as fit as it could be or progress is not going as fast as I wished. But definitely better than if I hadn’t started.

In fact… since I started I have gone 4 kilos down… which is probably a healthy weight loss? or is it too slow?. I have only done that British Foundation diet once.

I was planning on skating in addition to the daily workouts… but I haven’t done much at all since I started….but hoping to get on it when I get used to my new routine.. And this I’ve been doing for a long time… but whenever possible I get the stairs. Since I can’t find all that much to go skating… I’m going back to try to dance… at least once a week.

Last week I only did 10 mins… today I managed 20 mins.

Slimming tip of the week; wish it…. very badly. Convince yourself that even a little 5 to 15 mins workout is actually working wonders… that you can slim with minimal effort and drinking plenty of water.

Because I honestly don’t know how the weight is going down when I’m not working all that hard.

However look at my belly button and measurements first week in January and compare them at the end of February…. there is some cm less there!! ;D

Measurements from first week of January till Today below….

I have lost some centimetres here and there …. and I’m also getting to see something I had already noticed… and it’s that whenever I’m bloated it goes mainly to my legs.

And that’s all folks!!

Not like anyone is reading or following regularly, especially now that I’m waiting for new domain to transfer to this page. But it’s ok… I’m just doing for myself… to stay consistent on my goals.

And also to refer it to as inspiration to the nay-sayers and non believers of change is possible with minimal effort but with a certain attitude and determination change is possible. If that’s certainly what you want. And if that’s what you want I can then help with this proof that it’s possible.

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