February 2021 update

Well, I am not publishing it weekly but I’m still working on keeping this daily habit I started back in January 2020.

Currently wearing size S trousers and Fruit of the Loom size Small tank top which fits comfortable all over but feels a bit snug around my hips, but it’s perfect to tuck it in as you can see on the back photo. If you like the design stamped on it it’s actually the logo of my business partner, who also took these photos prior to a promotional session I did for him.

When it comes to daily exercises I’ve relaxed a bit and my body is catching up with all the naughty stuff I’m eating lately so this week I’ll be doing these short metabolism work outs that so far so good are the most effective for my body, at least under my current hormonal treatments.

The measurements I am hoping to see a change in next week’s update currently are;

Waist:79cm Belly Button: 83cm Hips;100cm Mid thigh; 47cm

I forgot about weighing myself this morning, but this week it will be all about losing centimetres and not weight. I want my tummy to be a bit more tucked in that it looks on the profile pic.

Ohh and if you like the mug I am drinking off you can buy your own here

Or browse here to see all the items available with skulls on them.


This time last year I was like in the photos below ;D

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