The English Dream House

Spanish here

And at last some photos of our bilingüal home where students come and feel at home during their stay with us.

There are a lot of things left to improve and change since I moved back in for good in summer 2021 but here you have a virtual tour of how it’s looking thus far.

The hallway is already finished.

The lounge is also ready and currently being used in our lessons to watch movies, do crafts, play board games, have lunch or dinner during the cold winter months or the hottest summer days.

Kitchen will change in regards to flooring and furniture colours as soon as I recover from the investment already made in making the house feel more like my «home» and guest ready.

Here is where we prepare our meals, where we learn to chop vegetables, learn new recipees, boil the water, load the dishwasher, put things back to where they belong once the wash cycle is completed and also where we dance (as that board claims). Furthermore, ever since we got a «brasero» here is where most winter lessons have taken place over our first winter teaching at home.

The room for adult immersive students or future tourist guests is also ready. For those who enjoy seeing before and after pictures, you can see the whole process here.

The young immersive student’s rooms are in the process of a drastic change that started on May the 4th. But I will show you the rooms prior to the change so you can get yourself an idea of how spacious they are.

The one below will be painted in a lighter shade of lavender and will have more juvenile furniture as well as a queen size bed. In this room we can also fit an extra collapsible bed for our students, this is with the goal in mind of not allowing our students to switch languages at all overnight.

In this other room below we could host a further young immersive student together with one of their parents. The only reason for having one of their parents here with us is so we can ensure the immersion is 100% efective by ensuring siblings won’t spend time argueing and fighting between them so all of them will learn way more Spanish that way.

We also have a garden and orchard to plant flowers and grow vegetables in Spanish.

But the most outstanding feature of our garden is definitely the size of the swimming pool. Please note it’s an old photo; the swimmingpool cracks have been repaired and I’m currently painting the swimmingpool edges and improving the looks of the surrounding swimmingpool area.

I am currently investing a lot of time, joy and energy in creating bespoke, cosy and unique outdoor spaces where to enjoy the lovely morning breeze for breakfasts, the refreshing swimming pool during the heat hours, the amazing sunsets from our solar terrace or simply enjoy a midnight swim before going to bed. ;D

And if you’re not interested in learning Spanish but you would love to hire the guest room or the full house just as a touristic resort please send me an e-mail to so I can register the level of interest and speed up the legal process to make it available for that purpose.

The house is located in the countryside where you can get lost walking through endless rolling hills of olive groves as well as enjoying lovely bike rides through bike lanes between neighbouring villages as well as being close to a bus stop to do some tourism in the beautiful and betwitching city of Granada. Please remember that with your own vehicle you can also go hiking to Sierra Nevada, visit La Alpujarra or just enjoy the beach of Granada in less than a 45 mins drive.

Sunsets at home

For those students or house guests who wish to come and have no means of transport in Spain we can offer them a ride to and from the airport/trains station or bus station (as long as their arrival or departure times are within 9 am and 10 p.m).

All the house is reduced mobility friendly.

At the moment the house will only be available as an exclusive holiday resort for those friends, student’s parents or families I fully trust as we also happen to live here.

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