Do you want to understand and handle yourself in Spanish in a fast and efficient way?

Do you really want to learn to speak Spanish?

The «really» is very important, because this is really the fastest and most efficient way to learn a language.

If you’re really confident that’s what you want to do, then you’ve run out of excuses not to learn Spanish once and for all

You’ve already found the people to learn it with!! ;D

You won’t find another fun holiday like opportunity like this in Granada.

How will you learn?

Surrounded by a native Spanish mother of two bilingual Spanish-English kids. So no panic, if you have to use your English to make yourself understood, we will understand you. We have a fun punishment system for those who use English though!! ;D

An immersion is the easiest, fastest and most efficient way to learn a language. Especially when you have no other choice left but to speak Spanish. Period.

Trust me, you don’t need to learn more Spanish, you need to speak with the Spanish you’ve learnt so far.

How do I know?

I can handle myself in English and German. I know what it takes to become fluent in a language.

I’m also not the average native speaker. I’m actually qualified to teach Spanish as a second language by the University of Granada. I also prepared myself to Teach in the Long life Learning Sector by City and Guilds in the UK.

When and how

Only four weeks during Summer.

You only have till the 31st of May to make up your mind!!

Why learning in an Academy or with private tutors is just not good enough?

An hour a week of Spanish learning is simply not enough for our human brain to invest energy and effort enough to want to crack that new and complex linguistic code that makes us feel painfully aware and insecure of our deficient communicative skills.

Not even 20 hours a week will be enough for your brain to want to make the necessary neurological connections to acquire the skill of thinking and talking in a foreign language.

Try 72 hours in a row… now we will be more invested in seeing a point in sort of wanting to really understand and learn that new language, because not talking in that new language will be certainly more painful than making the effort of learning it.

How do I know?

I’ve been in three different countries as a linguistic exchange student, on one of those occasions totally surrounded by German speaking people, and I almost left the country not speaking the language.

why? Because all of them spoke English so I did not make the effort of practicing my German skills with them when it was easier and more effective to use my English ones instead.

So… how did I learn German or English conversation skills?

I had to meet a very interested German guy and friend who had absolute no idea of Spanish nor English whatsoever and who were both very willing to get to know me better in order for me to force myself to practice my German skills.

I had yet to go through the most painful and embarrasing moments ever to realize I’ve sort of wasted almost two years of my life learning German at an Academy (it was worse with English which I had been learning at school for ages by then).

The same way I wasted a couple of summers of my life trying to learn English working and living in England surrounded by Spanish family and Italians and Portuguese people in and out of work.

I mean, I had the fun of my life, don’t get me wrong, and I definitely had more exposure to the real language than I could have done living in Spain, but when it comes to learning English or German… I realized I barely practiced any at all.

So I thought to myself hard and long of what kind of experiences had made me force myself to actually lose the fear of speaking in another language and when did those happened for me. And those were when I got to spend two days running in the company of only English, French or German only speaking households/friendships.

By the end of two or three days it’s when I was finally understanding them when they spoke, then it’s when I finally started seeing the need to answer back in their language with expressions I had previously heard them say for two days running and I felt like I already knew what they meant due to basic observation skills.

And how come I lost such skills? at least my French conversation ones. Because I didn’t get to practice long enough, after those two full days of exposure I got back to meeting my Spanish friends from the student exchange and I lost the will and the opportunity to keep practicing. So all that courage and confidencec gathered to dare to speak it again sort of went to waste because I no longer had the opportunity.

That’s why I recommend 6 days of Spanish immersion. Trust me, they’re way more effective. I know they seem way more expensive. But when you compare how quickly you see results you won’t think so no more. You’ll just hate yourself for not giving a go at it before!!

My ex husband (British citizen) and father of my children is living proof that living in the country is simply not enough to force yourself to learn the language. In fact, he’s been living in Spain since 2016 and sadly he still doesn’t feel confident enough to use it because his new friendships are mostly foreign people or Spanish friends who speak English already. Therefore, he doesn’t practice Spanish speaking skills.

Because to muster the confidence to speak in a different language you have to surround yourself with people who give you no other choice but to express yourself in that language for at least 72 hours in a row. Any time after that benchmark though it’s a total plus to keep gaining confidence at doing so. But once you’ve got to that level… then you would naturally want to speak that language at any given opportunity instead of shying away and avoid using it.

Because it takes at least 3 to 6 days of constant exposure and need of reciprocation in the language for the brain to actually invest in learning that new language, the Spanish to get by on the supermarket or the shop is simply not enough to start thinking and formulate sentences in Spanish.

That German guy I once met simply wouldn’t leave me alone, he wanted to date again and again. Nor did the new English friends I made at work. So yes, it was hard and extremely akward at first, but once you get to the point of daring to speak in another language (like for three days running) then the most difficult thing is over and done with, the rest is kind of fun and easy going and willingness to keep expressing yourself in that language because you’re learning to enjoy your new Spanish speaking personality.

And also, you need this because nobody else is going to force you to do it unless they get paid to do so. But I thrive on getting results I can show off. So I will ensure you do end up talking Spanish by the end of your weekly stay with us.

If you come from abroad or whether you live in Spain already, here is more or less what you will experience in a Spanish Immersion. We will just do all that in Spanish instead.