Learn Spanish the fun way

English Immersions

Do your children have issues understanding Spanish at school?

Do you want to feel confident speaking in Spanish?

Do you want to learn Spanish living with a family for a week?

Fear not, in a couple of days staying over with us you will soon conquer that fear and master the skill of thinking and daring to speak Spanish confidently.

Booking now open till the 31st of May!!

Make the most of this unique opportunity while there are slots available!!

There aren’t many people out there (if any) offering this very same kind of close inclusive family learning context in Granada for you to practice Spanish once and for all with two adorable, fun and bilingual kids and their native Spanish mum.

So do not let this unique learning environment in Granada pass you by, as there are hardly any slots available (two in July, two in August) and they’re also open for Spanish speakers who need to learn and master their English level.

What is being offered?

Your child will stay in my house as if they were one of my family members in a fun learning Spanish environment with the usual daily chores of waking up, tidying up, sharing basic housechores and play fun games with the kids as well as enjoying outdoors activities like going out for a walk, go out for dinner, go to the beach and more.

If you’re a grown-up willing to learn Spanish then it would be like staying at a friend’s house who got kids and you’ll stay with us but saving all the traveling expenses like food and accommodation. You’ll only be paying for the 8 hours inmersive teaching throughout the day.

For adults some daily activities would be changed to meet your specific vocabulary needs depending on what you enjoy talking the most about or what you need it the most (i.g for work, to communicate with students, etc)

Below we have an example of what an English Immersion looks like for Spanish people, we will do the same but in Spanish.


Where does this experience take place?

This summer will be at my flat (basement floor with easy ramp access).

They can also be done in a hotel of your choice anywhere in Spain, but then you would have to cover the travel and hotel expenses, in fact, I’m very open to travel and I’ve done a couple of immersions away from home with one of my Spanish students who wanted to travel to England or somewhere by the beach.

More photos of the flat where you’ll stay at coming soon! but don’t forget to check the pictures at the end of this page!! ;D

Cuarto del alumno

How much is it?

It’s an experience worth 1000€ in value.

My goal at the momen though is to prove that this is the most efficient way to learn a language for those who want to quickly learn it the «easy» way.

So at the moment make the most of it whilst I’ve got it at 600€ for 6 days, including dinner outing, beach and tickets for Aquaola included.

If it seems expensive, please think that an hour of private lessons is 15€ with me, do the maths and you will see what a bargain this experience really is!!

Yes, I could do 8 hours straight of intensive lessons and charge way more, but my goal is to make the experience enjoyable and as if you were on holidays abroad. We’ll still do some house chores, cooking, reading, some conversations, card games, practice speficic vocabulary according to your needs, etc.

There is a chance of adding up a couple of days extra for 80€ per day after the 6th day in a row.


Right now I have four week slots available

July 2021:

Monday Morning of the 19th July until Tuesday Morning the 24th of July: 


Monday Morning of the 26th of July until Saturday Morning of the 31st of July: 


August 2021:

Tuesday Morning of the 17th of August till Sunday Morning of the 22nd: 


Tuesday Morning of the 24th August till Sunday Morning of the 29th: 


¿How many students at once?

This is what makes it special and unique. Only one student per week so the efficiency and logistic of it all works flawlessly. One is the best way to ensure our student has all the opportunities available at his feet to talk to us in Spanish during their stay with us.

Two in case we have a parent and a kid who need it and promise not to speak English between them during the whole experience.

The ideal age of a child student should be any between 4 and 12 years, but if they’re slightly older but they enjoy playing with younger children, they’re more than welcome to come and have fun with us this summer. The ideal age for an adult student may depend on their physical condition, but I guess somewhere between 30 and 50 could be a safe bet to enjoy their stay and keep their pace with two kids on their summer holidays. If you’re older or younger and still would like to enjoy this unique experience in Granada, then you’re more welcome to enquire.

How many days per week?

The fun learning Spanish week will consist of six days and five nights.

You will be welcomed at 11:00 am in the morning and you will depart at the same time on your sixth day.

Can I stay in touch with my child?

Yes, but it’s only recommended in case there is an emergency. Otherwise I would rather not, because the immersion won’t be as efficient.

Tell me more, how will I/my child learn the language then?

We will create certain daily activities that they will have to implement each single day, those will be printed in their bedroom so they can start making associations with the written Spanish and the activity carried out in spoken Spanish, they will have to cross them out each day and night, like waking up, getting up, taking their pyjamas off, tidying up their bedroom, having breakfast, getting dressed, brushing their teetch, puting their pjs on, etc.

We would also watch tv in Spanish, dance to Spanish music only, play boarding games in Spanish and more. If they use English they will be penalized with less fun activities, but nothing here will be bad, my idea is that they leave feeling this experience was fun and extremely useful for their learning of Spanish.

If they’re kids I’ll meet with other Spanish kids so they get used to different kids talking in Spanish and so they see more use in using the language to socialize more. I can obviously do the same with adult students.

On this summer intensive we will be looking at the same content we do during year but with physical activities that back up that knowledge acquired at school with real actions, like the cloths they’re wearing every day, the cardinal and ordinal numbers, easy questions and answers, daily routine actions, short sentences, idiomatic expressions and any vocabulary we deem fit for their experience. It will include the shopping list on the first day to ensure we have food our student enjoys having, go shopping, loading and unloading the car, storing the food away, cooking, eating, etc.

We will also eat out, which includes vocabulary of choice of plates, starters, main meal, desserts, ingredients, how to ask for food properly, how to address the waiting service, play hide and seek to familiarize themselves with the rooms in Spanish, having a photoshoot taken to have a memory of this experience, dressing up to go out for dinner one night, watch movies, and anything we can think of that can enrich your experience learning Spanish.

If six days in a row feel like too long you can always try a weekend immersion, but I don’t recommend it as it’s not as effective linguistically speaking. Our brains need at least one to two days to muster the confidence to dare speak in a different language, at least three days to see the point of learning how to formulate sentences in another language and then a couple more to establish the neuronal connections that they’ve just made with trial and error experiences that are positive. After day three anything else is a great opportunity for the student to feel more confident day by day in their new skill of talking in Spanish. After this immersion talking in Spanish won’t be an issue, you may do it better or worse but at least you won’t feel afraid of using the Spanish you have learnt so far.

On previous immersions at home and abroad.

So if you want to learn Spanish, join us in the most efficient way of learning it.

Treat yourself to this experience and catch yourself speaking in Spanish sooner than you ever dared to dream!!