Find Your Wild Side

Even whilst being on Lockdown

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So… let’s get your power back.

But first things first…. 

I’m not interested in dying of financial success yet. I love having time for myself and my kids. I’m only showing you this philosophy because I know it works and it literally changes lives when followed through.

And I’m not interested either in wasting any time and effort in convincing people of its value. Those who know me from an early age (19 and forwards) could swear to you I am extremely “lucky”.

Only that it’s not luck. It’s attitude. Because your attitude determines your luck.

But if you think you’re doomed and you like to think your fate is chosen… then so will be it. Don’t even bother reading any further. I know the feeling as I was one of those myself prior to age 19. But I’m so sure this attitude actually works that I will refund all your money if after all steps tried and tested all steps you still get no positive results at all.

Now for those intelligent and wishful open minded people willing to improve their quality of life, just keep reading below.

Who am I to say this?

A wild woman who does things that other people don’t dare to do and therefore get results other people wish they could get but they don’t.

It wasn’t precisely an overnight process. There was no internet back then as we know it today. It took me a fair good amount of books, plenty of observation combined with trial and error and a lot of will to survive to make it this far as for a while I was unaware there were loads of people already feeling threatened, intimidated and/or jealous of my fun assertive intimidating non-chalant powerful attitude towards life prior to them trying to make me feel bad about it.


However…what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger … and like coal particles under an unberable amount of pressure I went through the process to actually discovering what they were seeing in me that I was blind to see for myself and like that I slowly but surely became aware of my diamond hard power.

Why am I actually doing this?

I would like to erradicate all envy, jealousy, hate, abuse, resentment and bullying out of this world.

I also want people to take conscious decisions based on what they want not based on avoiding what they fear. Source of all evil expressed above.

And as your future photographer I’m really interested in creating empowering self-portraits. Portraits that really capture your essence, the beauty inside of you, your authentic self. And for that we may have to get rid off of your fear to express yourself first.

If you feel you are already fearless then book your sesssion here.

Do you think you’re hopelessly unphotogenic???  join the club, I thought I was too.

But I changed my “bad luck” and I can show you exactly how to do the same for yourself with my 7 week Find Your Wild Side program which you get for free when you purchase either the Find Your Wild Side Photoshoot or the Before and After photoshoot. ;D.

If you live too far away and/or can’t afford yourself a photoshoot with me. Not to worry as you can do the Online course below on your own.

I only charge for it because it takes me time to re-read the content and make it fresh for each individual ensuring all external links still work.

Why should you do it?

First… it makes you feel and look better.

Digging, finding and exploring your wild side does way more than make you look good on photos.

  • Makes you braver and more courageous
  • Makes you take the reins of your own life
  • Makes your life more fun and exciting
  • Makes you mentally and physically healthy

Why? you’ll feel more like your real self, your authentic self indeed and that makes you look photogenic in photos. You can relax in front of the camera because you no longer are keeping a façade. You’re no longer try to impress, you no longer are trying to be liked. You just are… because people really like genuine people who dare to be themselves and accept themselves.

Trying to fit in and trying to be normal when you know you aren’t makes you depressed, makes you feel average, makes you bored and unsatisfied in life overall. No wonder you keep suffering one health issue after the next.

By not finding out and expressing who you really are and what your purpose in life really is you can struggle with constant depression, anxiety, emotional void, feelings of detachment, suicidal thoughts or end up victim of abuse, bullying and what not.

In fact, I think is no surprise I myself struggled with several interesting health issues as well as bullying until I reached age 19 and found my wild side. Things turned way smoother for me after I learnt to take control over my mind, body and soul.

Now, besides my two invisible chronical illnesses that turned me into the Fun Lazy Queen of Chaos I currently am I could say I’m perfectly healthy.

It’s been a long process for me but I’ve summarized it for you in 7 easy clear cut steps you can follow to learn what it took me about 20 years to learn and implement over time. It took me a while to identify what are the steps I took. But finally got to all those little tiny things I once did that turned out into life changing signfiicant decisions that turned me into this courageous individual I am now that a alwyas gets what she wants when she wants it. And if it seems I’m not getting it … it’s probably because deep down I know I don’t want it. But I usually make most of my dreams come true.

And I’ve never been the pretty model type… but who cares. Nobody has to like me other than myself. But, let’s face it, not everyone has good taste either XP. Jokes aside… I honestly no longer care. I didn’t choose my face features and I think it’s totally unfair how those now seem to take over the mental attributes I did particularly focused on developing as I was forced to believe I was apparently rather ugly. So here you have yet another ugly face selling portraits of her awe striking features. Thanks to all those who ever called me ugly, unfit or tried to humilliate me… I don’t wish them bad… I wish them healing. Hopefully they found a way to fill their emotional voids and healed all those feelings of insecurity me being myself made them feel.

I also have very ugly photos taken of myself… that alone should be proof of how good I must be at getting your wild side out in a photosession.

So.. how does it work?

In this program (which you will get included on your purchase of either Find Your Wild Session or with a Before and After session) we will be having fun activities that will get you feeling empowered and which will give you such a self-esteem boost that it can literally change your life for good. And one you can keep up if you keep revisiting the steps time and time again whenever you need a new ego boost. Or keep adding to your self-esteem boost with access to specific playlists to help you stay focused on your new specific goals! ;D.

First step will be to purchase it form my shop below.


You get it straight into your e-mail box provided on the paypal payment address. If I’m not on holidays it will be starting following Friday once payment has been confirmed.

Second Step: Each week you’ll get an e-mail with a link to read the step of that week. You will also get the reasoning behind each basic step, why does it work and links that support such reasoning beyond my personal theories, quotes, personal stories and, the most important thing of it all, songs to help you gain those 20 seconds of courage these actions require of you to go on about them, from which you’ll get results that those who have tried still keep thanking me for. As at the end of this program, you guys will be creators of your life and of your own reality. Instead of being victims on someone else’s story.

Third Step; Once finished and mastering your reality to best suit your purpose in life don’t forget to share your success at it and tell others why this program definitely works.

And if you live away and can’t have a photoshoot with me… or found your wild self already and just want music to keep rocking it….then just follow the link in the photo below to keep you that way.


With this program you will also instinctively learn to recognize any form of mild or strong abuse and stop it right on its tracks.

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You’ll also become your own hero/heroine and save yourself from all you’ve been conditioned to think about yourself due to society or ill meant opinions of other people. A wiw-win situation any time.

I can even give you your money back if for whatever reason it doesn’t work for you*….so there is nothing to lose but fear itself.

Because, nobody is going to save you unless you do so yourself.

*But I have my ways to ensure you have followed each step of the way first. And we’ll have a video conference to try and help understand why is not working for you as it works for everyone who applies this attitude.