Wild Dreamer Offer

Are you working on your dreams?

What do you need to get your business up and running?

Just a couple of shots of you carrying out your new business activity?

That’s what I thought and that’s why I’m doing this special offer for you!!

We can meet outdoors and/or wherever you’re planning to carry out your new business activity.

I will only do these little sessions to help making things easier for you on your new adventure, because that’s what my project wild dreamers is all about. I will not only take those photos of you but I will also promote your new business by sharing the photos I took of you of you on social media.

Once in a while I will choose some of you to feature your work here.

E.g. On the photo above my business partner working on his latest dream job as a drone pilot in Imvicta. Below him working on his already achieved dream job (prior to Corona Virus affecting it badly).

We can also do promotional shoots with your merchandise.

If you need some promotional videos then visit www.imvicta.es

Given the little price (for a limited time only) the session will have to be paid in full online as a booking fee in itself.

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