Wild Dreamers

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Here on Find Your Wild Side we love getting to know and celebrate people who take risks and challenge themselves outside their comfort zone to do what they love doing. People who fight to make their dreams come true, people who have managed successfully to overcome obstacles and people who are starting their own path to personal success. We also love people who offer an original and unconventional risky product and/or service that makes them stand out from the crowd.

Wild dreamers are all those people who believe in a out of the ordinary approach to doing life and business. These people take risks most people won’t just to have a job and life aligned with their personal passions. as what they do is more linked to their own hobbies and passions.

All in all wild dreamers are lively and enthusiastic individuals that always see opportunities where the rest of people only see obstacles. They are passionate people that believe another way of doing business is possible. People who find a way to make their own niche in a world where they were told it was impossible.

So here I will start adding the links to all the new blog entries and interviews with photos I’ll make with each one of them. I will start with people from Granada and later I will start widening my choice. Hopefully I will also get to contact the few wild side heroines I already had interviews with as I lost such interviews when I lost my old website.

I’d love to help and collaborate with anyone who’s running their own business or those who are giving shape to their own professional dreams. If you’re one of those don’t hesitate in contacting me to get a similar interview. I would like to know more about you, your project, get to know you and possibly work with you.

I can’t interview all the new daring entrepreneurs out there I would like… but I can do a 40 minutes session and provide 4 useful photos to update or create a perfect look for your future business. Make the most of while it lasts at that price!

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