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Meet Vaiva! She’s a beautiful soul as well as a wild dreamer from East Europe I was lucky to get to know not long ago and with whom I’m aiming to collaborate on a joint project to help empowering women who need it the most.

Vaiva and I have a lot in common such as travelling, living abroad, marrying a foreign culture musician, teaching English as well as other experiences that motivated us both to want to motivate other women take the reins of their lives and become emotionally and financially independent.

So Vaiva, please tell me some basic facts about you, where exactly are you from to begin with? I know you told me and I know it’s up East Europe (and I even checked the history of your country once prior to our first get together) but I suddenly forgot again. Sorry!!

Sure. There are 3 small Baltic states in Eastern Europe: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. And I’m Lithuanian! People tend to mix us with each other or with Slavic people and their cultures, who are our border neighbours, so let me use the opportunity now and just in case educate the audience a little – Lithuanians are not Slavic. Russian, as well as Polish, are quite widely spoken languages in my country, now English is also trending, but we also have our own and it’s a different deal.

Later in life studies and work projects made me move from my tiny windy Lithuania to taste life in other far-flung lands such as The United States of America, United Kingdom and Italy.

At the beginning of this year, together with my husband Daniel, right before the pandemic, we finally made our latest dream come true of moving to Spain.

You have an interesting story as to how you ended up living down in Granada, haven’t you? Please tell us all about it.

Why eventually Granada? First of all, is that we’re an intercontinental couple that wanted to find a common ground for our family in a nice European country with a warm climate.

It is strange to think and say this, but in a sense we should thank this global pandemic. Barcelona was our initial and long-term plan, but living locked down and stressed to our core in an apartment surrounded by concrete everywhere you looked didn’t feel good at all, so after 6 months we simply packed our stuff and decided to get adventurous and experiment with life a little bit again, while also following our intuition to pursue more calm and happiness.

My husband and I often like to joke between us that often human’s life feels like Homero’s Odyssey. In fact, my husband, Daniel, a guitar professional from Brazil, has lived in other places and travelled massively during his career, he’s been to almost all the continents of the globe, but after a long wandering around the world his roots have somehow called him back all the way down to the neighbouring area of the legendary Sacromonte where we currently live in a beautiful house surrounded by nature.

Concluding all those episodes, here we’re living these challenging, yet much happier times here in Granada.

But to be honest, if you’d ask me where I feel best like at home, I’d use that recognized term and call myself a “world citizen”. All the places, where I come from and where I used to live, I carry them in my heart wherever I am. In general I love exploring life in different places, always did, road has always felt like the cosiest home to me.

What are you currently working as and what is your future dream job?

Just as I moved to Spain I began working as an English teacher. If you need lessons in Granada town center you can find my teaching profile here. My Spanish isn’t fluent yet, English completely, so I didn’t think much about where to start! Plus, I’ve realized not too long ago I enjoy educating the audience and I have a feeling (as well as feedback) that I also have the necessary patience and talent for that. I love to see progress in people. And I love that while teaching others I am in a constant process of mastering so many different skills myself!

Before teaching my professional life has been spinning all around a non-governmental sector. I was involved in international project management and volunteering, all sorts of activism by participating in trainings to give as well as boosting my own knowledge on certain topics such as innovative communication, social inclusion and empowerment of immigrants, marginalized cultures and unemployed youth, creative non-formal learning methods.

I can’t emphasize some concrete dream job role, “role” is somehow a very limiting word to me, but I can say it definitely has to be about making a positive change in people’s lives by exchanging knowledge, our different passions, products and services we promote or create, we can make this whole idea of a human living a life a truly interesting, fun, constructive, meaningful experience.

And that’s exactly what our project together will be all about indeed. So we’ll talk more about it at the end of the interview.

So I guess with all your many languages talents and limitless attitude is that how the need to become an entrepreneur suddenly hit you? Could you explain how you reached that conclusion please.

A decision to step into entrepreneurship and combine this experience with all that I’ve done in the past and have been doing currently, I made this year. One of the biggest factors, I’d say and I’ll repeat this unpleasant event again, was this global pandemic. Pretty much this whole year was a very different period full of deep focus and meditation, concerned inner state of mind while mainly staying at home regime. One had lot of time to re-think our whole life many times! It made me dig to the core and ask myself: what is really happening and what’s next?

I realized once and for all that the ideal job shouldn’t be anything that I would need to rely on too much: whether it’s an employer or a city, anything.

Entrepreneurship can give you exactly that freedom. The opportunity of 21st century is truly a massive one, if one is not too afraid or too lazy to learn how to do it on their own.

Another big factor why I decided to go on an entrepreneurial journey was that I literally attracted a business opportunity of a company with a holistic philosophy and fell in love with it at first glance! It offers a plan to discover True Health: physically, mentally and financially.

All details somehow fell in the right place at the right time. And the best part about it is that while I’m in a transformative process myself, I can keep helping other people to change their lives to the better by allowing them to follow exactly same steps that I took in the beginning craving for that radical change in my life.

You are definitely not ordinary person at all with so many countries visited and cultures experienced as well as your dreams and goals. What would you say are the most courageous decisions you’ve taken so far? I mean, outside your comfort zone.

Getting married with my partner spontaneously, just the two of us, on a remote island. Moving to beautiful Spain and adapting to a new life here under such unusual historical circumstances. Stepping into entrepreneurship, with it’s whole package of challenges and euphorias, as a result of a realization that alongside any daily profession, everyone has to run their own business of some sort, and that is the most straightforward path to true happiness and freedom for a modern society individual.

You told me that one of your passions has been working on NGOs helping other people as a Project Manager. Would you like to raise one in Spain and what kind of people you would like to help the most?

Yes, even if officially now I’m not attached to any concrete organization or project, NGO sector remains as something very close to my soul. As mentioned before, I worked with various social groups of people with a lack or loss of purpose further in life. When my entrepreneurial business venture will let me achieve financial freedom and more free time, I’d like to focus on women empowerment to help women who have been victimized by physical or mental abuse from their partners, who seek education but don’t have much or any resources at all, who want to emancipate themselves from passionless lifetime consuming daily job slavery that only covers their basic bills and become powerful fulfilled female entrepreneurs.

In order for Vaiva and I to make this project of empowering other women to become financially and emotionally independent so they don’t fall victims of emotional, psychological or physical abuse first we need to grow our own independent businesses ourselves.

Vaiva teaches mostly in Granada town centre, so anyone who needs an English teacher on that area please contact her here or directly at or if you are interested in playing guitar lessons with her professional and international 30 plus years career husband please visit where you will find all about his 6 and 7 string guitar classes and new online courses. I only met him briefly once but hope to be able to hang out more with the two of them once restrictions are over and done with.

If you need more photos like these for you or your business website or social media profiles please use the contact form here or send a message through my facebook page.

Please feel free to share this interview and let us reach to those women who are seeking a helping hand to transform their lives into anything they’ve wished for. The sooner we start getting requests the sooner we’ll start making this idea a priority and finding our way to get patreons or supporters to carry out this project.

Vaiva and I went for a walk camera in hand and took these shots at the beginning of last October prior to the latest confinment restrictions. Just natural lighting and us two enjoying our long chats filled with dreams and goals to achieve. Vaiva loves photography too ;D

Are you working on your dreams? make the most of this current offer!!

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