Dreams come true

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Never lose hope … because some dreams definitely come true.

How do they come true for me?

Wishful thinking helps tons but setting an intention and a specific date for it definitely makes them come true faster. And if on top of that you add music that will remind you of them on the daily then you’ll get them to come true in no time.

I’m not precisely the most organized or disciplined person in the world. So if I had made most of my dreams come true regardless SO CAN YOU!!

And below I show you exactly what you’ve got to do.

But if you’re not one of those that had many dreams come true thus far, maybe you need to find your wild side first because only when you’re true to yourself you’ll become fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

This will also make you lose the fear of leaving behind any situations or any people that are not in alignment with your standards, moral values or anything that can steer you away from reaching your goals and dreams.

So I show below exactly what you have to do to;


W . A . K . E – U . P

Life is happening NOW. This is not a rehearsal. So… what makes you truly happy? Go for it NOW. Dreams are not going to come true for you unless you’re being true to yourself and act accordingly. Yes. You have to be true to yourself, loyal to what you really want to experience in life.


Forget about fancy cars and expenive houses, forget about other people’s expectations of you or social media definitions of success. You just have to sit down and ask yourself; what do I enjoy doing the most? what makes you feel good? And go for it as if you life depended on it, because the quality of life and your health definitely do.

  • Get a vision board too so you can see pictures of your goals and write a date next to them.
  • Look at it at least once a day feeling as if they’ve already been achieved.
  • Listen to music daily that reminds you of such goals.
  • Everyday take at least one action that will get you there faster.

BE AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE IN WHAT YOU WANT. I don’t want to , but this is an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT step. You’ll see why in my examples below.


Examples with Dreams I have achieved lately.

  • GETTING MY HOUSE BACK (three years)

The biggest hold-up I had in making this dream coming true has been MYSELF. I didn’t focus hard enough on it. Didn’t put a specific date on it.

When I finally felt a sense of urgency I finally applied for our assets to be divided. Since I was happy and comfortable and sort of distracted, I realized I trusted too heavily in the Legal System to work properly. My paperwork got lost or neglected TWICE and nobody seemed to notice. I should have been chasing the lawyer on a weekly basis but I only did once every three months. I didn’t want to be a pest. But I perhaps should have been a mistrustful pest from day 1, because only when I decided to turn into a pest… then miraculously it got all sorted out in less than a month.

To move things forward I invested in Aliya’s amazing hypnotherapy and that worked wonders. I also did focus on the vision board and listened to this song often to remind me of it. Perhaps I should have chosen a different one though because in the end I even had to spell out some of those very same words to my ex husband.

Of course I couldn’t have managed to achieve this dream without the support of my family, to which I owe that I keep working on this Dream a bit further before I can relax and focus on achieving other goals.

  • THE BODY OF MY DREAMS (question of months)

You can read more about all that latest process here.

  • THE JOB OF MY DREAMS (10 años)

Well, that used to sound contradictory to me. But it doesn’t anymore. I finally focused on dreaming away into my new reality.

My job today mostly consists in having fun playing games and challenging students to speak English. I still teach in people’s homes and I love those lessons too. But these days I’m even teaching at home with my children. Our pupils get to experience a wider vocabulary and so far so good they are still improving.

Sometimes my job looks like this too.


I married my biggest crush back in the day. But I made some mistakes by not being specific enough and now I’ve recently embarked myself on a new challenge.

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