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I would like to reach to all people, kids and adults alike. Why so?

  • It makes people look ten times more photogenic.
  • It makes people feel braver, bolder and more confident.
  • It empowers and inspires other people to go and chase their dreams.
  • It makes people happy and more fulfilled with their life overall.

Because fulfilled people DO NOT neglect their inner voice and fall into depression as a side effect of not doing so. Because fulfilled people DO NOT feel like evading themselves from reality (no need of chemical substance abuse). Happy people definitely Do NOT feel the need to hurt, bully or abuse anyone else because they’re busy chasing their own dreams. People who feel good in their own skin Do NOT envy other people because they are aware they’re different. Do NOT feel jealous because they know their own worth. They Do NOT entertain toxic relationships for long because they Do NOT fear loneliness. Brave courageous people won’t tolerate abusive work or political situations because they DO NOT fear the unknown.


And certainly they do Do NOT fear wasting their money having a photo taken of themselves. They know they’re worth it. They do NOT care if other people will like it or not as long as they like it themselves. And that’s the kind of portraits I want to take. Compelling and empowering portraits that may inspire new generations to follow suit with their example.

And imagine what a generation of wild consciously aware people could do? They could literally change the world.

So… let’s get your power back.

How do I know?

Oh well, anyone who knows me prior to age 20 could tell you I was ugly and not photogenic at all. Anyone that have met me after 20 can’t believe I was once ugly and not photogenic at all. And they do agree when they see those pics back in the day. My face has changed to my advantage somehow. What was particularly significant about me that became more notorious after the age of 20 is that I seemed to be “lucky” all the time.

But, it’s not a question of “luck”. It’s actually a question of attitude.

You can read more about me here to find out.

But if you think you’re doomed and that you’ll never be as good looking or as daring as you would like to be or that you don’t have what it takes to live life on your terms, then so will be it. Don’t read any further.

I know the feeling all too well (I personally felt it from age 13 to age 19) and I know that with that attitude and mindset there is nothing I can do for you right now.

If you want to challenge that belief though TRY ME.

Get your money back if you see no positive effects once you’ve done it all. And by all I mean all steps thoroughly. But IT WORKS for those who do.

Why should you do it?

First… it makes you feel and look better.

Digging, finding and exploring your wild side does way more than make you look good on photos.

  • Makes you braver, more confident and more corageous
  • Gives you back the reins of your life
  • Your life will be more fun and exciting
  • Will make you mentally and physically healthy

You’ll feel more like your real self. You will be able to relax in front of the camera because you will no longer feel afraid to look bad on a photo because you no longer will care about the opinion of the photographer or anyone else for that matter. You will no longer be trying to impress, you will no longer will be trying to be liked. You will just be you, and you will be liked even more because of that. Simply because people really admire genuine people who dare to be themselves and accept themselves any moment.

Trying to fit in and trying to be normal when you know you aren’t makes you feel depressed, makes you feel average, makes you mediocre, average, boring, uninteresting and dissatisfied with life overall. No wonder you keep suffering one health issue after the next.

Trying to fit in causes anxiety, emotional void, feelings of detachment, suicidal thoughts and also makes you a possible victim of abuse, bullying and what not.

Where did I find my wild side?

I myself struggled with several interesting health issues as well as bullying until I found my wild side. Things turned way smoother for me after I regained back the power over my mind, body and soul.

Now, despite the symptoms of two chronical illnesses that turned me into the Fun Lazy Queen of Chaos I could say I’m perfectly healthy.

It’s been a long process for me as the health issues didn’t stop at 20 but I’ve summarized it for you in 7 easy clear-cut steps you can follow to learn what it took me about 20 years to learn and implement over time to get outside my comfort zone. It took a while to identify the tiny micro daily decisions that turned me into this courageous individual I currently am. And you have no idea how far outside my comfort zone my current life really is. But one thing I know; My life is pretty exciting.

I wasn’t photogenic at all prior to those steps and I’ve never been the pretty model type with thin body, clear skin complexion and delicate facial features. But who cares? I’m aware nobody gets to choose their genetical make-up. What I focus on is on the good stuff you can decorate your mind and soul with.

I still have to thank all those bullies who made me think I was ugly. They made me way more thoughtful and insightful than I could have been receiving compliments all my life. They made me want to read books and appreciate interesting conversations.

In fact now I hate it when people only seem to notice my physical features. As if somehow those facial features seem to stand out more than the mental attributes I once worked hard to own. But oh well, at least they gave me quite some money at the time selling self portraits. 😉

I also have very ugly photos taken of myself, don’t be fooled. My merit though is in being selective in how to pose and which photos to keep of myself. And that alone should be proof of how good I must be at getting your wild side out in a photosession. If I can do it with myself I can do it with you. And yes, I have managed to change some features of my face somehow without surgery.

So.. how does it work?

In this program (which you will get included on your purchase of either Find Your Wild Session) we will be having content and fun activities that will get you feeling empowered and which will give you such a self-esteem boost that it can literally change your life for good.

And once you can keep up if you keep revisiting the steps time and time again whenever you need a new ego boost. Or keep adding to your self-esteem boost with access to specific playlists to help you stay focused on your new specific goals! ;D.

First step will be to purchase it form my shop below.


You get it straight into your e-mail box provided on the paypal payment address. If I’m not on holidays it will be starting following Friday once payment has been confirmed.

Second Step: Each week you’ll get an e-mail with a link to read the step to follow that week. You will also get the reasoning behind each basic step, why does it work and links that support such reasoning beyond my personal theories, as well as inspiring quotes, personal stories and, the most important thing of it all, songs to help you gain courage to carry out these actions required of you, from which you’ll get results that those who have tried still keep thanking me for. Because at the end of this program, you guys will be creators of your life and of your own reality. Instead of being victims on someone else’s story.

Third Step; Once finished and mastering your reality to best suit your purpose in life don’t forget to share your success at it and tell others why this program definitely works.

And if you live away and can’t have a photoshoot with me… or found your wild self already and just want music to keep rocking it….then just follow the link in the photo below to stay wild.


With this program you will also;

  • Learn to recognize any form of mild or strong abuse and stop it right on its tracks.
  • Become your own hero/heroine and save yourself from all you’ve been conditioned to think about yourself due to society or ill meant opinions of other people. A wiw-win situation any time.
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I can even give you your money back if for whatever reason it doesn’t work for you*….so there is nothing to lose but fear itself.

Because, nobody is going to save you unless you do so yourself.

*But I have my ways to ensure you have followed each step of the way first. And we’ll have a video conference to try and help understand why is not working for you as it works for everyone who applies this attitude.