The little things…

31st of July 2019 Noticing the little wonders of nature on a short trip from Cordoba to Granada. The sunset over the red hill at the back of this photo is what caught my eye originally, so much so that I even went back on myself for about 15 minutes to appreciate it in full….

It’s Summer Time

24th July 2019 Some more of last year holidays sceneries captured by the beautiful Aegean Sea! 😀 I actually didn’t sit down in those chairs to have breakfast by the seaside, but something in the colour of the chairs and the sea behind makes me feel like as if I were doing it right now…

Crashing Waves

  17th of July 2019 The beauty of Mykonos largely lays on the quality of its pristine teal waters. 😀   17 Julio 2019 La belleza de Mikonos yace primordialmente en la calidad de sus cristalinas aguas color turquesa.

Sunset Cruise

09th of July 2019   A beautiful stylish brand new sleek black car that will probably on a Sunset Cruise to Portugal as you read this fully load with great varied tunes and even better company! ;D   09 de Julio 2019   Un nuevo y muy elegante coche negro de líneas muy suaves que probablemente se…

Lavender Fields

3rd of July 2019 I love Lavender fields! there is something in that shade of purple that makes it very appealling too together with its natural scent!   Me encantan los campos de Lavanda!!  Hay algo en esa tonalidad de morado que los hace muy atractivos para mí junto con su esencia natural! 😀