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Welcome to Laurais Arts!

I’m Laura Montero, a photographer that loves creating ever lasting images so you can show the world your true essence for good. Be that with photos of events you enjoy, photos of people and things you love the most or the business or service you provide to the world.

Do you need photos?

«Excellent professional. Takes extreme care to each detail of her images. If you’re in need of high quality photos, at a reasonable price, search no more, Laurais Arts is what you need. No doubt about it, my favourite photographer»

Don’t you feel photogenic enough?

It took me a while to figure out why I didn’t like myself on photos and now I love to help other people feel and look their best on theirs.

Need to make amazing gifts?

I love to make thoughtful gifts so I share my photos here so people can purchase original gifts for those they love the most. A present they will like and cherish because it will say something about them or how you perceive them to be.

Visit my shop to find and make customized gifts for your loved ones.