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Welcome to Laurais Arts!!

Need to learn basic Spanish conversation skills fast?

Let’s forget about grammar rules and focus more on practicing listening and speaking basic Spanish to get by out and about. I will apply the same fun methodology I do with my English lessons and we can also do Spanish immersions since my kids are bilingual.

Do you want or need awesome photos of you, your kids, your whole family, your business activity?


«Because an image is worth a thousand words so make sure you get yours taken right»

Laura Montero

«Excellent professional. Takes extreme care to each detail of her images. If you’re in need of high quality photos, at a reasonable price, search no more, Laurais Arts is what you need. No doubt about it, my favourite photographer»

Do you need more confidence to pose in front of a camera like my little girl does above or I do below? Do you want to become the most confident and positive version of yourself once and for all?

You can read in English the transformation story with pictures of this customer clicking on the image link below.

«This really changes your life. Maybe one could think I’m being exaggerated, but I’m not. There was an undoubtedly before and after inside me somehow after taking these shots and following your clothing style advice. Unforgettable experience and sensational result. I couldn’t wait for anything less from a photographer and coach as sensitive, authentic, original and talented as you are».

Need to make amazing gifts that will make your friends and loved ones feel cherished and remember you forever?

Visit my shop to find and make customized gifts for your loved ones.

Are you working on your dreams and in need of high quality videos to promote your new business adventure at a somewhat reasonable price?

Are you only in need of a couple of high quality photos to get started and be taken seriously??

Make the most of this initial offer by clicking on the image link below!!

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Need to feel inspired to work on your dreams?

Why Laurais? Read all about me here!! (Soon to be translated into English)