Photo Sessions

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Life is full of beautiful moments passing us by on a daily basis, there will be days in which life will eventually slow down a bit and then we’ll realize we barely had really good pictures taken of us and our loved ones to remember them living life to their fullest.

We usually only invest in photography for large events like weddings, communions and large celebrated anniversaries.

But what about gifting a loved friend or family member a family session in the park? chilling out in their own house? just before going out on a date with a special someone? a photoshoot with their pet or their partners?

I personally hate that there are barely any photos of my grandparents or even my parents together prior to their wedding photos. I know at that time photography was something only very few could afford. Today, hiring a professional is still a bit of an investment, but one that will allow you to seize any day you choose and make it special with a photosession.

Also remember I can be hired for all sort of photographic work. If you have a business and need photos of your service or products, you’re an architect and need photos of your finished buildings, you’re a cook and need photos of your favourite meals, please bear my work in mind.

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All types; families, new borns, pregnant photoshoots, couples, etc… 

1 Hour Photoshoot + 5 digital edits  –  €121 *

1 hour Photoshoot + 5 Digital edits + prints – 145,20€* *



* VAT not included.

Amount to be paid prior to the session as a booking fee.

If you like more images than the number included in the pack it’s always possible to order any extras. Please read below the options you have.

Outside The Box Portraits

If you belong to the category of people who hate having photos taken because you think you always look bad or ,on the contrary, you’re one of few lucky ones who is proud to break the mold and you want to celebrate your outside the box thinking in the way you dress, you think, you look and you enjoy your free time then you will be much better off hiring the services offered here.

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Quick digital edit  – 15€ per image

This means just basic framing, colour and contrast edit.

You will get a web edit version to upload on your social media and a larger print quality edit so you can print any extras you may like.

Quick digital edit + print  – 20€ per image

Please contact me here to book your session

Fancy edit and print –  32, 50€  (tamaño hasta 30cm x 40cm)

This type of edit (adding people, removing people, adding special effects, etc) implies the use of more complex sofware and sometimes an hour per image. So price may vary depending on how many are to edit in the fancy style of your choice. My goal is to make perfect pictures without having to use extra editing time, but if you have photos you wish they hadn’t someone in the background, etc I can help with this.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have regarding types of photos I provide, types of edits I can make or have a look here as to what products you could have your image printed on

New Self-employed Offer

Advertise yourself and your business with my wild dreamer’s offer.

Fully Customized Products

There is a wide variety of products available on which you could have any image I take for you printed on. I can also be hired to make an image especially to your taste or you could ask for any photos you like on my galleries to be made available as product on my online «shop«.