Thank you for your support

With the economic support I earn from my photography, my English lessons, my coaching sessions and the products I sell I try to achieve the following goals and dreams. So thank you very much of being a part of it.

My first goal is to be able to be financially fully independent and be able to pay rent and feed my children on my own. That’s my main and most immediate goal.

But since I am a bit of a humanist I like to be part of the people who help change the world by setting the right examples out there.

So each time you pursue any of my work you’re contributing to any of my goals and social endeavours.

Inspiring more women to become financially and emotionally independent so we can stop abuse as a society.

Is not that women are the cause of it. But I learnt that it depends on most women to stop it somehow by what they refuse to allow in their lives. Because happy fulfilled women are selective individuals who choose self-respect over attention, they make healthy choices based on logic not on financial or emotional needs and if they have kids they will raise happy kids with love instead of resentment and they will also set the same examples for their kids to do the same and value the same things when they grow older. I teach my kids what is acceptable or not by refusing to tolerate certain lacks of respect or behaviours, I teach my kids what is strength by refusing to put up with any situation I deem abusive in any way. I was lucky that wasn’t my situation but I easily became aware of how easily it could have turned out to be my situation had I not have some amazing standards to hold on to.

If one day I get enough to hire employees I would hire unemployed mums and dads who have kids to raise and need an income straight away. I may also employ poor people who need an opportunity. That’s for when I get to achieve larger dreams explained on the last goal.

Inspiring women and men alike to believe in their dreams.

They are also supporting my goal to help inspire men and women to make a living out of their natural set of skills and/or passions instead of wasting their time and energy on working for the dreams of their employers. If any new entrepreneur contacts me for photos or work I like to collaborate with networking or offering large discounts so starting working on their dreams doesn’t mean to get all in debted.

As a coach though I like to help them identify their own skills and assets, focus on those, enhancing those, helping them stay motivated on such goals or help them improve those skills or natural assets so they remember how to shine on their own. Ohh the amount of drama and inmature self-hate induced envy we could erradicate by teaching people to value their own assets and not comparing themselves to others with a different set of assets and skills, have you thought about it?. I have. Long and deep. I reached to the conclusion most of people’s dramas in life come from this general idea that we all have to be great at the same things that everyone else is. No… we all have our one unique character that makes us us… that makes stand out from the crowd…. etc.

Make kids I teach English to become confident and bully-bullet-proof.

Because a bully bullet proof kid is less likely to accept any kind of abuse.

I love teaching kids English because I have the opportunity to reach out to little kids to believe in themselves, to let them know they can be awesome whilst having fun playing games in English. They notice their improved English skills at school very soon and that helps them raise their confidence in themselves. And that makes me extremely happy. Not only they like my fun oriented lessons but I know that is a future grown up less likely to take and accept any abuse because that’s one kid more confident and aware of his power. Because most parents are too busy to notice their kids, to play with them, to get to know them better, but in this hour of English they get full attention with me. And if they had felt a failure at most things in life… at least now they have a new area of their life in which they feel good and confident about themselves. And that’s how it all starts for them to feel confident in other areas of life. I love helping them notice what they’re very good at and highlighting those skills whilst making them more conscious of their own power and free will to change undesired outcomes (losing in games that is for them at their age! lol) to match their intentions (winning) just by teaching them to focus their attention on what they can do to reach their most immediate goal. Hopefully they will use that skill when they see themselves in any kind of undesired situation in their future.

As I hate abuse of any nature and I know there a lot of kids being abused by all sorts of disgusting people in public institutions one of my dreams would be to create some kind of public service to ensure members of staff working in these public institutions are all mentally health and emapthic individuals who want the best for the kids they’re looking after. I would like to make sure they love their work, that they’re caring ,that they’re loving and nurturing. Each single one of my employees would have to be that way.

My big dream would be to end this horrifying sick paradigm and circle of sickening abuse….. of any kind. At work, in orphanages, at school, in relationships, etc.

Become enviromental friendly

I’m also against nature abuse. I hate to print papers unless it’s absolutely necessary and wherever I can I avoid using plastic tools by taking my metal travel mugs or artistic bag totes to my English lessons. ;D

I also gift these items to friends and family to support a more enviromental friendly world.

I also like helping people finding exactly what they want….

If it’s a piece of artwork for your restaurant, a special gift for a friend who loves skulls, be environmentally friendly, feel confident, get married to that person you love…. I am incredible good at giving advice to people. When fully pursued results follow immediately. So please… I’m here to help you.

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