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David didn’t hire the “before and after” session nor has he done the Find Your Wild Side Program, mainly because he didn’t even know about their existence when we first met in person, and secondly because he doesn’t even need it!!

He is already that wild, he makes the most of his day, sees opportunities when others see problems, takes action to solve any issues that may block him and in general, for the little while I’ve known of him so far so good one can say that he gets whatever he sets his mind to get.

And that is what the find your wild side program is all about to be honest, that’s my general attitude and philosophy and the one I want to help other people have so they too can get whatever they desire out of life. Becoming photogenic is usually just a side effect of nailing this attitude and mold reality to suit your dreams.

In fact, you’ll rarely see a man hiring a photoshoot for no other reason than to have photos of himself just for the sake of having them with “your aesthetic flare and artistic sense” as he said to me. Such a breath of fresh air really, when today most men are slaves to external validation and the imposed idea that they have to look like super tough guys with no feelings.

And so I accepted willingly to take pictures of a customer who believed in my artistic flare and quality as much as I did (perhaps even more), and at the same time it also meant getting a bit out of my comfort zone by means of travelling outside my area and doing photos of a male model with its different challenges. I know how to pose a woman to look great and sexy, now… a man… I wasn’t sure I would get it right. But I think I’ve succeeded.

First three or four photos below belong to brief 1 hour photoshoot to test the waters.

Find Your Wild Side, Laurais photo. David session

Find Your Wild Side. Laurais Photography. David Session

What David actually hired me for after having a brief look and following my Wild Style for Men pinterest board was my shopping assitance service as he had been wanting to find similar style clothes and didn’t know where to find them, and also the idea of going shopping alone didn’t entice him enough to go for it.

However when we first met and we talked about my service he quite liked the idea of having my company whilst going shopping and didn’t mind paying if I was going to take him straight to the places where he could find the style he was aiming for. He thought it would be fun…

And well..  my assistance service is not just a question of finding any clothing items and ensuring they look good on him, it’s above all to find a style that makes a statement of who he really is right now and what he likes….as well as looking great.


To achieve my goal we didn’t buy anything that wasn’t a “wow” item or any other basic wardrobe items that would combine with the more adventurous and stylish “wow-get it!” clothes that would look equally good on him.

And he was right about hiring me ould be fun, to him I made the worst part of why men hate going shopping the highlight of his experience. According to him my “what the heck did you just try on?” or “oh yeah, that looks great on you” were obvious even before I opened my mouth, so he got the verdict straight away with just a glance at my face after opening the curtain.

As you can imagine…  not everything that is your size will look amazing on you, whether you have a great fit body or not. Clothes are more than just a simple piece of fabric. And some help you highlight your best attributes whilst others make you shapeless.

It’s shape, material or style and how do they make you look on them is what matters the most in this experience. What does the colour or the message on the T-shirt says about you?. I totally agree with Marc Jacobs on the following quote.


We have yet to complete his look with “wild style” footwear, sometime soon this summer I hope I can update this page with his complete wardrobe and new footwear.

He likes Cazorla and its mountain range a lot, so off we went to photoshoot him so the model felt at ease and the photos talked about who he is and what he likes. Capturing his essence is what I set myself to do with these shopping and photoshoot sessions.

And I believe I succeeded at it. But I’m not the best to say so, as I only knew David for about a month and a bit before we went to shoot these photos above.

But because he is such an encouraging and lovely person to talk to and it’s a pleasure doing business with him, he hires and dares trying new services I offer (photography, shopping assistance and teaching so far) I got to know him a bit more previous to this session photos below thanks to the two shopping assistance trips we made to the shopping mall… so I can say that for what I know of him so far I think I’ve nailed it in capturing his essence.

So with no further ado here are some of my favourites for this post, but there were too many to choose from.

1. IMG_3592 web edit for sharing

2. IMG_3603 2.1 polished to crop sb bwm

4. IMG_3638 sale edit gwm

6.3 IMG_3685 web edit for sharing-3

10. IMG_3799 web edit for sharing

IMG_3889 web edit for sharing

12. IMG_3868 edited web edit for sharing-2

14. IMG_3924 high res no wm-2

16. IMG_3942 to finish on LR FB WM (2)

I must confess I got extremely lucky with my first male client, as in the pictures below he looks like any other male model in a fashion catalogue or magazine. So I can’t take much credit for his looks… except on the style of clothes we chose together for him.

But perhaps I can take some credit on how good he looks like in the photos above bearing in mind how he looks in any other photos by other professionals. Ok, these photos below that he kindly allowed me to post in order to illustrate how I became his best photographer ever are just passport photos and we know they don’t allow much creativity, but if I had to search for models for any photographic commission I can say that by looking at his face features in the shots below I wouldn’t have thought he had photogenic features to work with.

If you want to have a photoshoot like David’s above with or without shopping assistance experience with me to find new wardrobe items that works for you and compliments your body and style please contact me now at as soon as possible as I have few weekends available for photos.

And if you are not in need of portraits but could do with a great honest help when going shopping in order to keep your style while ensuring you are looking your best or just find one that highlights your best features and looks good, cool, elegant and stylish all at the same time just hire my shopping assistance service by clicking in the image below.

IMG_2841 Personal Shopper `PER HOUR

If unsure of dates, please contact me first at

Here some shots taken whilst we were shopping so he could see how things looked on him.


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