Staying positive in Times of Crisis

Ok…. so Corona Virus is here… nothing we can do to actually stop it.

Forcing us to take time to think…

So why not make the most of this time to think about the way we handle our time on earth?

How much do we depend on other people to actually make it in life these days?

How many things do we often take for granted?

How many things we own don’t mean a thing now that we are stuck at home? (fancy cars, designer labels, everyday objects, etc)

How much do we value our self worth based on the type of employment we have and the amount of money we get paid to do so?

How many of you feel great with your current job?

Would you really have the job you had if working for anybody else or for yourself was possible in a blink?

Do you have it because everyone thinks you ought to have a job to justify your existence or worth in this world?

Let’s have a long think about it…

And also… instead of thinking negatively about it…. remember of all those many times you wished you had time to do this or to do that. It’s dreadful that this virus is taking sooo many lives away. If you’re ok and healthy, shouldn’t you be really celebrating this time at home knowing that death could be round the corner any time?

And now remember… how many clothes are you wearing now? is there any point in driving a super sport’s car you can’t even show off? how much of our daily lives we do just to show off?

And if we get the chance… would we really want to be doing the same after we go back to normality?

Crises are not the end, they are just the beginning of something new.

Let’s think of what that new approach could be. Would we all get that minimal wage to live off and if you work then you get some extra cash? that’s already being discussed!! I love that idea. It could potentially take so much pressure off people who feel like they ought to have a job or work for somebody else because they haven’t figured out yet what their purupose in life is.

Let this crisis remind you of that… So what are we doing wasting most of our life dedicated to work for somebody else instead that for ourselves selling our own uniquite talents? Yes… we need means to survive. But not to be slaves of it. More on how to shift your view of the world and yourself from negative to positive can be found here

Be picky with the job you want to do and with who you want to do business with, your how, your when and above all, your why!.

When you choose only to work accordingly to how you feel about people instead of working for the money, then, you have the potential to feel fully satisfied with your life enough as to not need any fancy cars, any fancy clothes, etc. Because, you’ll be feeling great inside.

In a sense, more people working for themselves, instead of working for others, could bring some more power to people. You are your own boss, you work as much as you want, you sell as much as you feel you need to achieve your goals, and if not too many people willing to work for you because most of them are self-employed themselves then you don’t get too powerful and too corrupt.

Some people will use the excuse of this health/economical crisis to never raise head again… but those who are just here to share their talents with their view or their service… they will find alternative ways to do so. Because when there is a will there is a way. Because their mission in life would be to share whatever he was gifted with and not to work for somebody else who was gifted as well. Nothing wrong in working for the governement or public institutions either, not everyone has to be self-employed.

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