Feeling Apathy?

Feeling like your life is all dull and just full with duties, busy work schedules, boring events and meetings, duties, obligations, liabilities and guilt.

I SAY STOP!!!! and click on the link below!! Because this song below is a great eye-opener as to why we feel apathy. Although each time I listen to it mostly makes me wanna bounce off my chair and start dancing.

What can we do when it feels like there is no joy left??

Good news is that it’s entirely up to us to change that kind of lifestyle that leads to such feelings and incorporate more fun and joy into our daily lives.

If you feel this way during Corona Virus is even expected because you’ve suddenly seen yourself deprived of your favourite activities like going out, meet up with family, hang out with people or travel around, etc. But then, nothing stops you from trying to find joy discovering new hobbies you can enjoy doing at home, getting some board games out, listening to music or learning a new language during quarantine that could add some good vibes into your daily stay at home quarantine routine. ;D

However if on a daily basis you tend to feel like you have no energy, no goals, no drive, no motivation and no purpose, it’s most likely because you’re forgetting to challenge yourself stepping out of your comfort zone or you’ve been prioritizing too much of all the expectations made by others on your time and energy.

So pay close attention to what makes you feel most energized and uplifted on a daily basies to make the most of those moments as if your life depended on it. Because it does.

Looking back to the times I felt most apathy in my life; I was most likely clinically depressed as a hypothyroid patient and unaware of it. And I was expected to study something I didn’t 100% chose for myself. Then everything, from getting out of bed, to have a wash, getting dressed and get ready to go to school, highschool and uni was the hardest thing to do ever. Not only I didn’t feel like I was deprived of energy to do any of that (typical hypothyroidism symptom, with or without medication) but I was also deprived of the will to live. Because then I seemed to live just to go each day to what all along seemed to me like a grown-up kids nursery in which much to my dispair I also started getting bullied on a daily basis.

I couldn’t care less that I apparently had to go to learn stuff, that I had to learn all those facts I didn’t choose to learn about and I didn’t care about. And that all that was apparently my obligation. Displaying a good school report to show off how good (or bad) I was at remembering I had homework and assignments to hand in and memorizing countless facts I had to vomit on an under-pressure-written term paper became my liability. Feeling less than average for not being able to care about doing any of that because I preferred to enjoy life instead and the apparently lack of responsability or consciousness associated with it translated into guilt.

Now let’s translate this for most people who feel apathy as grown ups and on a regular basis on their adult lives;

Doing a job you’re not passionate about in order to earn money to pay bills to afford your living costs it’s your obligation. The property and car you own due to social pressure to show off that you’re doing well at living life sticking to what is established and expected of successful people is your liability. Not feeling good and satisfied with yourself as a consequence of wasting time and energy pleasing other people instead of meeting your not socially approved wants and needs makes you a bitter person which in turns makes you want to make others feel bad (lashing out on other people) so you feel better about yourself as a side effect of it all can translate into your guilt.

As Pantera cleverly puts it in the song below “oppression in you turns into the oppresor in you”.

“Yesterday don’t mean shit because tomorrow is the day you have to face, no rewinding time”.

So regardless of whether other people think you’re crazy, weird, a black sheep or a lost soul with a weird taste in this or that… you just ought to embrace your own darkness, realize it’s just fear of rejection, learn to be comfortable flying solo.

In fact, in life, what has the largest potential to drive you nuts, apathetic or depressed for good is actually not doing more of what you enjoy doing just to please other people’s expectations of you.

You may just look a little bit like the brown sheep below when you start questioning the way things are done by most people.

Now to get rid of apathy, you can challenge yourself to dare learning a new skill, try a new food , a new haircut, do something different today that you didn’t do yesterday, start a new healthy habit, improve one or find a new easy goal. And try to take time to track the results in your mood. Once you see results self-improvement becomes an addiction.

You could challenge yourself to listen to any of my uplifting music playlists for an entire day, a week or a month and check if you notice any difference in your mood overall. You could also join me on my losing weight challenge.

My challenge this week is to see if the cor-cof diet (corset-coffee) gets me faster results or no results at all. And I don’t call it fasting because I need half a spoon of honey to be able to drink black coffee on its own.

Curious fact: In fact apparently not being able to drink coffee with any kind of sweetener is a psychopath trait. I wish I had known that fact earlier as it seems an easy way to recognise one straight away. Lol.

And below a lovely pic with Spetznaz themselves ;D…

You can also access my alternative upbeat alternative music playlist for those who may have a darker taste in music. I just added some I remembered that had a wild alternative vibe or an instantly feel good vibe but you don’t get to hear all those songs in a row. Let me know if it works for you too in the comments below!!

And if you found the playlist or the post encouraging to deal with apathy comment below or feel free to donate here so I prioritize creating more of this content.

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