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It’s been years that I’ve been music with an intentional purpose. As it’s one of the best ways to get in the mood and feeling of whatever you want to experience and achieve. Basically with music I made most of my dreams came true.

Because music can lift your spirits up and inspire you to feel stronger, not give a damn about anything, get in an instant good vibe mood, feel more energized, more sensual and more likely to own the night wherever you go clubbing.

Because the power of music goes from making you dance and follow its rhythm to help you make fearless decisions or remember and make sense of your own story and befriend your own demons so nothing holds you back anymore.


And I would be lying if I said I healed all my issues with those happy tunes at the top. Oh no….

“Each one of us is two separate beings, there is the one that we show to the world at large and then there is the inner…truth?”

And although I have chosen some pretty commercial examples… One of my favourite songs to get ready to go clubbing has always been this one, I was regularly told I was so pale….and I was (see photo below). So if you can’t change it, let’s own it and embrace it ;D.

And by the way that was me before going to a festival in Lahr, Germany, all on my own (trusting new people to get there safely though) ;D. My erasmus friends didn’t like the same music I did. So unlike most people would do, I chose to go on my own instead. That’s how I met people to go to all those festivals nearby. Because I’m fearless like that. Or perhaps because the kind of music I chose made me fearless like that.

I certainly used a good mixture of the most happy dancing songs with the most aggressive music there was available in the market at that time. I recall my brother complaining to me often asking me “is it even possible to listen to uglier music than that?”. I definitely needed Rammstein and Marilyn Manson at that time to deal with all the verbal abuse I was getting in and out of school ever since I was 12 (which only got worse by age 14 and lasted all the way till 16).

And why was I being bullied for? Oh I guess when you’re a threat you’re always the target. I wish I had known that at that time though.  I spent most of those days wondering. I thought everyone felt as free and honest to be unapologetically themselves as I did. I mean…who could possibly want to be “ugly” (as they called me) and a freak like me when they could just actually be themselves? And who on earth feeling so good with themselves yet felt the need to make other people feel miserable? Doesn’t make sense unless they had compared themselves to you and felt bitterly lacking in something. 

Luckily watching this video… and this other video every single day and mostly in the mornings before I went to school changed my life for good. It felt like instant relief and a bulletproof pill. Ohh the amount of daily funerals I started holding on my head on those days. Because, let’s face it, why go to jail for killing all those people who are bothering you with mean insults and disrespectful gestures when you can just wish them dead? worry not, karma will do its work and I’ve often seen it working within less than fifteen minutes and right in front of my eyes. 

So I wasn’t even aware I was undergoing music therapy. But definitely it worked like a charm. Because contrary to popular belief, research has found that loud and chaotic music such as punk and heavy metal is ‘a healthy way of processing anger“. “Results showed levels of hostility, irritability and stress decreased after this music was introduced, and the most significant change reported was the level of inspiration they felt”.

So it’s a scientifically proven fact that metal heads are actually better adjusted than the average person in the room. 

After all it’s all in our head and, therefore, in our hands to control it, and the sooner you learn to deal with the hurt and bottled up anger inside you the faster you’ll learn how raise even higher and shine even brighter than we’ve ever done before.

That way you won’t entertain dead-end or toxic relationships because you’ll recognize quicker when they are actually over. Because believe me… when you start getting the worst out of people or they start getting the worst out of you it’s a clear symptom that it’s time to let that person or relationship go. Don’t worry, you’ll rise up from the ashes. I’m sure I did way faster than most people thanks to listening to the right music at the right time.


If you’ve been clicking on the links by now you might have noticed that the quote above is actually true and that songs can create feelings with their rhythm and melodies as well as with their lyrical message. And I believe it has a way of connecting your body and soul in ways that no other medicine can. It can even awaken the soul in those who suffer from dementia or alzheimer as this experiment and research shows.

Some songs really help building up your confidence, others help you question and raise your current dating standards, other tunes just cause you to feel good just the way you are, even if you get labelled as a psycho, crazy cold diva or a whore (mostly for owning an attitude and a self-esteem they can’t touch)

Remember, it may take a while to be aware of all your positive traits, gifts and talents you came with. But once you do finally go through your darkest times you become fearless and unstoppable. And you have absolute no idea how great that feels. Then you start following your own heart whilst not forgeting to take your brain along with it. Once you have died in that sense… you take one day at a time and try to enjoy the most of today, because as Pantera also sings; yesterday is gone… and tomorrow is the day we will all have to face.

The power of the right kind of music when combined with a sense of dressing style can also make people feel naturally drawn to you, to your presence, to your aura, to your energy.  That music when played in photoshoots also brings your most authentic and courageous self.

The power of music even affects bacteria in cheese giving it a different flavour. So please, never underestimate the type of music you listen to everyday. If it has an effect on ageing cheeses why would it not have an effect on you? 

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However… such music can be difficult and hard to find just on the spot and in the right mood and style you may need precisely when you want it or need it the most.

So that’s why I’ve created plenty of different styles and moods playlists. Whenever I listen to a tune that could empower anyone in one way or another… I add it to any of those lists.

Because whatever the situation you find yourself in right this moment I can quickly think of songs that can help you get out of that funk as well as help you staying of track of actively achieving and pursuing your goals.

If you want a fully customized playlist bearing in mind your music style and your current state of affairs to help you achieve any goals you may have in mind. Please contact me here and we’ll work on achieving yours! 😉

Here you can listen to some wild playlists I have created for different purposes, so you can check here for free if they produce any kind of effect on you. Feeling Apathy?

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