I’m a Bitch

Or a diva, or both at once, or none at all. Either way, the kind of bitch described as in the song below. ­čśÇ

Because nevermind with how much integrity you act with…. and how kind you are, the truth is;

Basically any determined successful confident woman (and therefore a sexy one) out there these days is labelled a bitch, a slut, a whore or a diva. So we might as well embrace it! ;D.

So if daring enough to stand out and achieve whatever you want to achieve makes you a “bitch”, let’s accept it, I’m a hell of a boss bitch. ;D

In my case the only women I would actually label as bitches are the Miranda Priestly ones that may exist in real life as well as the resentful envious and jealous ones that go creating rumours just to dim the light of these free spirited women who follow no social rules and that actually outshine them with their good spirited consequential glow.

When it comes to men…

A bitch then is a woman who outsmarts them in one way or another. Including the ones that reject them. Also the ones that insecure men instantly classify in their mind as “out of their league” and therefore feel instantly rejected by them even without daring to step up their game to actually dare asking them out or keep up the level. It’s much easier calling them a “bitch” than actually working to earn the company of a woman they deem superior to them in one way or the other.

Bea Miller made it clear in the song below. You can read how she got inspired to write this song in this amazing speech, and she’s right all along.

Bea Miller made clear what was her intention on this intro. An amazing speech.

So here it is, an entry to cherish, celebrate and admire all those intelligent women who just get labelled B.I.T.C.H.E.S ( Brave Intelligent Tantalizing Heroines Embracing Sorority) or S.L.U.T.S Sweet Little Unforgettable Thing Sisterhood (S.L.U.T) by people who instantly recognized their value and the threat they posed to their self esteem.

When actually, none of that is needed, as all women, and all people, are worth it, all people are unique and have their unique talents. No man or woman should be a threat to your self esteem because nobody is you and nobody is above or below you. So if you feel the need to address these women as such, have a deep look inside at what demons are they awakening in you when they’re just being their unapologetic selves. It’s usually envy and jealousy, them daring to be themselves makes you feel uncomfortable because you haven’t reached that level of self-awarenes and courage yet. So… you will try to make them feel less than, you will try to make them doubt themselves and their bodies. But it won’t work. They’ll leaveyou behind just because of that. They can see that what you say about them says more about you than it says about them.

I was apparently labelled a D.I.V.A according to a female friend who told me some guys knew me as such in my nightclubbing scene and I was shocked. I thought I was more like “that cold hearted bitch”. Yes, I’m aware of what I come accross. Lol. So I guess it was a nice surprise.

DIVA adj. pronounced (DEE-VAH)- 1.to describe a person who exudes great style and personality with confidence and expresses their own style and not letting others influence who they are or want to be. 2. A person whose character makes them stands out from the rest. 3. Noun; a person’s title in a group of friends or in society that is popular or famous and who many people try to copy. 4. A person who tries to achieve what they want and who do not let people get in their way, and doing so with style and class.

I would say nothing wrong with being a diva then and I’m glad some popular artists have tried to address this issue of insecure women and men creating rumours about them.

But in the end, they temselves admitted they found it hard themselves not to be disrespectful and eventually labelled her a “Sexy Bitch”. But the difference between a really insecure mean woman (a bitch) and the so called envied “bitch” is at least established in the song.

If they can’t find a way to earn our attention or shine like us is really not our fault. Is it? Here on my Find Your Wild Side I try to teach every single individual how to shine on their own so there is no need to hate or envy anyone else.

If they can’t find a way to earn our attention or shine like us is not our fault. Or is it for making them feel uncomfortable with all the things they wish they could but they don’t? Here on my Find Your Wild Side I try to teach every single individual how to shine on their own so there is no need to hate or envy anyone else.

I’m definitely not the most beautiful woman on earth, nor would I want that burden. But apparently beautiful enough to be considered competition by my enemies or beautiful enough to get a┬á “bitch”, diva, and what not reputation.

And that’s why I know one doesn’t even have to be all that pretty to be perceived like a beauty queen. You just need personality and confidence to stand out as such. And that alone is magnetic as hell. Makes people perceive you ten times and even a hundred times prettier than you actually are genetically wise (and yes, got told that of the hundred times by a man himself who was shocked second time around he saw me after several years of me living abroad. And like others who came to just say “you’re fucking beautiful” and went straight away I know this man wasn’t trying to conquer me or seduce me at all, in fact, I was well aware he had an amazingly beautiful woman himself.

So yes… La la la…. walk feeling the shit and you’ll be the most amazing woman out there. No need to envy any other woman. You can be that woman or that man who can seduce such a woman.

And let’s also hail all those W.H.O.R.E.S Women Honoring One Another Rising Eternally.

Luckily if these women manage to survive any of those sad or unfunfair situations above like Maria Brink did there is NO stopping such women afterwards.

Why does a part of our body and how many times and with whom we choose to share it with define our worth for life? Experience is meant to be a good thing in every other aspect of life but at dying, for obvious reasons.

Eg; To drive a car efficiently is necessary to have quite some time on the road, to pilot a plane you need plenty of flying hours training, to get landed a great job you must have an extense resume dealing with possible situations that may arise whilst at work prior to that one. Yet, according to society (influenced heavily by the “raping kids” church), to be a good woman and be a good wife choice the experience of your vagina has to be extremely limited, in fact, they only welcome inexperience in this case.

It would seem logical to acknowledge that for a woman to be great in bed and to please her partner in that sense she would have to have some comprehensive practice prior to commit to anyone the rest of her life. But society is so against women that, it’s like you have to choose. You are free to do whatever you want but society will punish you for being sexy, attractive and experienced.

They’re only free to enjoy their sexual freedom if they intend not to ever get married or have a social life. Then she’s free to do what she wants with her body. Buf if she expects to be a wife one day … oh well, she’d better not. Her future husband won’t be very excited for her sharing her past yet he’s extremely pleased enjoying the sexual confidence she may display.

It’s a vagina, just another part of a human body; it could be a hand, your eyes, your leg, your arm, your brain. But no, they have brainwashed people’s brains to think a… a vagina apparently has a limited use in her life. According to catholic church it’s only to be used after marriage, but society finds it more acceptable if it’s in an established relationship. If relationship doesn’t work and she finds another match, sooner or later, then that makes her a “hoe” straight away who has no feelings, etc, etc.

It gets even more confusing when the person who is trying desperatedly to get you back hints that you are one judging on their own assumptions and insecurities after realizing you’re never coming back to them. Like it hit them after 9 months that they hadn’t made any kind of real effort to get them back. Oh well. They definitely dug their own grave and sentenced themselves in that sense by dropping such loving and respectful comments about your new successful entrepreneur life without them. Because a woman who respects herself will never ever go back to someone who disrespects her that way.

And it must be hard seeing the overqualified ex partner thriving after you despite the frequent unsuccessful attempts at making them feeling inferior.

So… yes, now I’m a bitch and a boss and much to their dispair I shine like gloss… ;D. “Boo don’t be mad cause you had a chance”. And that’s how low value men show they’re actually low value by disrespecting you and yet expecting you to feel compelled to see their love for you. Hilarious.

Ruining a good woman’s reputation it’s just as easy as to say “oh yes, I had sex with her once, it/she was….. “. Who will care once it’s said? Hardly anyone but that idea of you may stick in their minds for good.

Who will care once it’s said? Hardly anyone but that reputation will linger for that woman in the minds of those who are not intelligent enough to dare to know her personally at a deep level and realize how rumours are actually created by women who can’t be her or men who can’t have her.

How can you stop a resented man from saying that? You can’t. How do you stop jealous female friend from talking lies and trash behind your back? You can’t.

Now… how can you prove that’s not true? you can’t.

So let’s flaunt our bad reputation instead;

So let’s recapitulate;

Just for being a woman a single penis entering your vagina can devalue your entire life and your entire family honour in some extreme religious cultures. And even on our meant to be “open-minded” western culture the number of different lovers you have used it also increases or lowers your worth as an individual. The bigger the number apparently the less respectable, the less spiritual, the less knowledgeable, the less intelligent and therefore the less valuable you are TO SERVE MEN AND THEIR GOALS when it comes to controlling women to please them, that’s it.

The less experience a woman has the better for that man. He doesn’t have to compete, he doesn’t have to prove his worth in the sexual department prior to her commitment. Because if she was experienced then she could not want him and that’s too hard for the male delicate egos.

And when females try making a thing out of their vagina empowerment to remind other women to use it as often and as frequently as they want and how they want to… then society gets shocked by it.

My condolences go to all those women (and mostly to all those men) who may not know any better (because they didn’t have much practice and learning in the field before getting married to someone who didn’t have much experience in that field either) and therefore get extremely shocked and even offended by the lyrics of this song. You can tell by their reactions how boring and unfulfilling their sexual lives must be.

And also how sick and twisted the world is. They go to church and support priests with their money, most of those rape kids, but oh, they get shocked by the fact a woman gets sexually aroused and chooses to talk dirty about it when most men go to whores to be talked dirty.

But men go singing things like these and that’s apparently ok.

I’m not saying you have to look as sexually provocative as them, in fact, I ‘m an advocate for less nudity is actually more seductive) nor be as openly explicit as these two ladies are, but definitely the more women and men embrace being fred from the idea of female human value based on the less amount of penises entering a female body the better.

Then gang rape may even cease to exist. Who knows? By the way, the whole concept of gang raping mystifies me. They should be incapable of penetrating the same woman as other men have, shouldn’t they? such women have no honour at all. So why would they want to lose theirs by sticking their penises into their dirty vaginas?

Sarcastic ironies apart to showcase these double standards of partner elegibility we still have in the XXI century, I honestly believe that being sexually open and experienced would end up with most infidelities and extramarital affairs ruining relationships. Needless to say sex prior to marriage could help as well to avoid resented, bitter and disgraceful abusive relationships and parenting styles.

And I live under the impression that if more people did just end a relationship when it’s actually over we could also have less porn addiction, less unhealthy parenting habits, less mistreatment, less rape and less child abuse.

The more open-minded we are as a society the easier it could be for more people to embrace their true selves in a healthy way, rather than in a sneaky distasteful and bitter way. Eg; There would be no need for gay men to join the church to later end raping innocent kids secretly because they’re sexually unsatisfied, bitter or miserable enough with their lives as to lose all human empathy as to wreck the life and experiences of others just to please themselves sexually.

Perhaps if more women embraced their sexuality in full and decided to learn and practice enough before they actually settled for life with the first male mate that came along and seduced them slightly, the better decisions she would make based on experience not on social pressure. Because nevermind how interesting that person can be, if they can’t deliver good in the bedroom, the relationship is either doomed to fail or doomed to be more complicated than it’s deemed necessary and probably less satisfactory than it could be if they knew that person also completed them in the bedroom department. Although the last one alone won’t suffice and is no guarantee that a relationship could last for good. In fact, perhaps they all have to die eventually, perhaps because we were never meant to establish just one sexual relationship for life. And denying oneself from that possibility must be keeping most people depressed and unsatisfied with their lives.

And extreme congratulations if you happen to be one of those who never settled and you’re still loving your partner as fiercely as you did on day 1. Most don’t get that lucky. Most lose their willingness to commit to such a daily effort and most can’t be bothered making an effort because they never really wanted to make it to begin with. And even if some were fully invested in doing so, there are literally no guarantees such efforts would be welcomed or appreciated once they’ve let their partners down several times. But the root of all evil stems from that feeling that we’re supposed to just entertain one person for life.

So embracing being wild and free could be translated in less prostitutes and less extra marital affairs too and therefore less broken families and less broken kids growing up in already dysfunctional families acting as if they were normal families where all affection between parents is fake or tumultous due to the side effects of this belief that if they stay together it would be better for the kids. Watching a loveless couple teaches them to settle for less in life, not for more.

If more people embraced their genuine wild side there would be no such need to have extramarital affairs and also less need to pay for the company of smart women outside their marriage to provide what some men wished their wives could be had they chosen based on real feelings not on appearances and society pleasing habits.

As we know.. .after all, it’s usually those men who marry virgins who end up visiting those places the most. Ironically enough they lose no value in putting it inside a woman they consider of “no value” because she lets multiple penises a day in. But a woman loses value for having sex with a man, regardless of his value. It’s just chauvinist culture making you think the one you ought to choose for life should have had less partners to qualify for such a role.

By the way, and for the record… yes, I reached that conclusion on my early twenties. I thought “Why am I still a virgin? whom am I trying to please or impress, anyway?. Is it the possible mother-in-law I may never have? is it the men that I would not want to have because they’re narrow-minded? To hell with what society may think of me for being wild, free and single, I don’t want to be a wife, anyway!! ;D”. When I listened to the song below… now remixed by another female singer whose music I also enjoy a lot.

And so I resolved living my life and to hell with what other people would think of me because of it. I would use men the way they had been unsuccesfully trying to use me for as long as I remembered from age 11. Unlike in the song I didn’t feel lonely, I only felt wanty when I went clubbing and only if I found one that was one of my kind. And not many wild and free souls out there. And those who found me wouldn’t let me go, because wild and free souls are dope as hell. You can’t tame them or control them. They can’t be unfaithful to a woman who doesn’t really want a relationship with them at all, because they instantly guess your tolerance to bullshit is incredibly low.

So perhaps I’m not a bitch, not a whore, not a slut, in any case, just a woman, who had goals in life other than than getting married and starting a family or entertaining a man in her life as boyfriend. And who just wants to live her life however she pleases in the meantime. Who also did get married and had kids, when she felt like it was something she fancied trying out and because at some point in life that’s the most risky and daring thing she could do at that time, but mostly because at some point it also suited her goals to do so. But self respect couldn’t allow her to be just like any average wife whose husband feels entitled to disrespect, minimize her opinion or constantly brought down due to his own insecurities. Nope. That’s not a reality she wanted to entertain, respect it’s either there everyday or I would not entertain such relationship.

Some men can even try to make you feel ashamed of your previous sexual life as if they got lucky you were amazing in bed randomly without any of the previous experience, as if any virgin could be instinctively experienced in bed. Basically, some men are so culturally brainwashed by society as to slut shame you for the same attributes they chose you for.

Instead of feeling like championS for pleasing an experienced woman… they would rather pride themselves for pleasing women who has had no experience at all in the sexual department prior to them.

Now … do we understand why virginity is so valued and cherisehd by some men and particularly in some cultures? Sexually confident women pose a threat insecure men delicate egos.

However, the most intelligent women out there will know how to have a life you know nothing about, because they like being private and mysterious, too. And I got a reputation of being a bitch even before I lost my virginity. Go figure what those girls thought me capable of at that age.

So yes, feel free to assume whatever about such women, and add your lot if you want to. She’ll continue to do her in company of the best men out there who can see through rumours.

But if the world had more wild and free women who are sexually active and in charge of their sexual knowledge and pleasure, I can swear there would be way less infidelity and way less prostitution and drama over all.

And yes, most men end up realizing these wild spirited women are, amazingly enough, the ones who respect themselves the most. Because this is the type of woman who is emotionally independent enough to walk away when integrity, loyalty and satisfaction is no longer provided in any given interaction.

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