The Dreamer’s Room

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Bed and Breakfast bedroom to rent in Cúllar Vega – Privately run

  • Internet
  • Double room
  • Storage
  • Central heating/ceiling fan
  • Swimming pool in summer/cozy fire in winter
  • Garden, swings and sunset balcony
  • Sunset facing room with views to the Swimming pool.
  • Private car park and easy free parking outdoors

Price per night low season: 65€ one person. 85€ two people.

Is not coincidence that most of the dreams that once came true started in this particular room. If there is anywhere in the world where we could store the energy to make our dreams come true it’s in this house, and most particularly, in this room, in which quite a lot of work was invested to get the results you can now enjoy. So make the most of your stay to dream big. 😀

Coming here single to work or to do tourism?

Minimum stay it’s Friday to Sunday. But while you are here you may want to check out these experiences that can help make the most of your stay original, special and fun:

  • Possibility of lunch/dinner menu for 12€/20€ per person.
  • Possibility of adding Photoshoot in Photographic Studio below, swimming pool or outdoors area.
  • Possibility of hiring me to take you to the best spots in town during your stay.
  • Spanish language immersion.
  • Dare to Dream? Challenge yourself to achieve your dreams faster by adding this fun weekend Retreat experience to your weekend here.

Would like to come with children? Let me know in advance as there is another room that could be accommodated for that purpose.

Interested? send an e-mail to or contact me privately in our facebook page.

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